What are the Benefits of a Ceiling Fan?

Benefits of a Ceiling Fan


Ceiling FanCeiling fans offer a number of benefits in residential and commercial settings. By altering the air circulation in a given space, they can decrease heating and cooling costs, increase energy efficiency, and provide individualized regulation of comfort in a given space. Ceiling fans use less energy than HVAC units and allow for small scale adjustment of interior climate in a space.

Ceiling fans promote energy efficiency by circulating air effectively throughout a building or home and by changing a person’s perception of the temperature of a space. Ceiling fans can pull air up from the center of the room, or push it down to the center of the room. During the warmer months pushing air toward the floor causes a noticeable change in air movement. Air movement causes people to feel cooler; like a breeze on a hot day. During the cooler months the direction the fan spins is changed to allow air to be pulled up from the center of the room. This allows the warm air near the ceiling to be circulated to the lower parts of the room without causing an uncomfortable breeze.

In addition to decreased energy costs and increased energy efficiency, ceiling fans allow for the comfort of multiple people in a home or building. In one room or space a person may feel too cold and turn the ceiling fan off, while a person in another room may feel warm and be able to keep the fan on. This allows the thermostat to remain at a set temperature, rather than constantly changing to meet different needs.

Of course, as with anything, it is important to use ceiling fans responsibly. To reap the most benefit, one must remember to turn off the fan when leaving the room or building. This will increase energy conservation and decrease energy costs.

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