Accent Lighting Design, Repair and Installation

Accent Lighting Design, Repair, & Installation Services in Millbrae

Do you want to add a custom appearance to your Millbrae, CA home through the use of accent lights? Call our experts at (650) 784-1886 and get custom designs and installations today! Or save money on your services using our online deals and specials!

Accent Lighting Design Repair Installation Services  in Millbrae, CA

Over the years, home designers have developed a nearly unlimited amount of different accent lighting systems for homes. This has allowed many people to customize the appearance of their rooms however they see fit. At 110/220V Electric Co. our expert technicians can help you with the design, repair, and installation, of the accent lights in your home allowing you to have a custom appearance that will add comfort and value to your home. From installations for a single room or whole house services you can rest assured that you will receive the best value from our experts. Don’t just take our word for it. See what your neighbors are saying here!

What Should You Consider Before Installing New Accent Lights In Your Home?

Many homeowners will want to think about how accent lighting can change up the decor that they have present in their rooms. From the added value to the energy efficiency. Before installing new accent lights however there are a few things to consider.

  • Price Range

  • Placement

  • Style/Decor

  • Professional Technicians

By having an idea of the style and price range you may have, working with our technicians will be an easier process. We will be able to work within your needs and wants to get you the custom look you desire without breaking the bank!

What Are The Different Types of Accent Lights?

  • Chandeliers – Most people will want to start by looking at some of the hanging accent lighting features that the can have installed. Chandeliers are perhaps the most classical application of this concept.

  • Pendant Lighting – These lights have become an increasingly popular feature for modern homes. They can be used to light an open floor plan or as lighting for bars areas.

  • Track Lighting – Track lighting is also popular, because the direction of the light can be shifted with just a quick modification. They can be installed into almost any room, where they will help illuminate different types of decor features.

  • Recessed Lighting – These are best used as secondary lighting sources, but they can add emphasis and mood to different types of rooms. Additionally they can be equipped with LED lights to provide energy efficient lighting.

Professional Repair Services For Accent Lights

There are times when accent lighting fixtures need to have different types of repairs done to them. This may be challenging, especially when it involves ceiling lights. Whether its faulty wiring or damaged sockets, getting professional services is imperative. Any time there is an electrical issue you could lend yourself to fire risks. Our technicians will perform the necessary repair services to restore these accent lights to working order efficiently and effectively. Call us today to find out more on our professional light fixture repair services!

Expert Design & Installation Of Accent Lighting

Aside from our professional repair services, our technicians can also assist you with the design and installation of accent lights in your home. More often than not homeowners want a custom appearance to their homes. Accent lights can be a wonderful way to do this. Our technicians will assist you in the planning process to ensure that you get the look you are going for. Additionally we will ensure that your upgrades are kept within your budget. Call our experts today and let us make your vision a reality. Our technicians are experienced, licensed, and insured, to get the job done right!

Do you want to install accent lighting in your Millbrae, CA home? Call 110/220V Electric Co. at (650) 784-1886 and get expert services today!