Where can I find the right electrician for me?

How To Make Sure You’re Hiring The Right Electrician For You


Millbrae ElectricianDealing with residential or commercial electrical systems can be confusing, and even dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also confusing is locating and hiring the right electrician to solve your electrical problems, especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are many things to consider when hiring any professional technician. Here are some tips when hiring electricians.

Check Journeyman’s License & Insurance Coverage: Always hire a electrician who is licensed. Every state has laws in place that require electricians to undergo the appropriate training and certification processes. This is protect the public from unsavory contractors. When considering hiring a specific electrician ask them for their electrician license. If they are hesitant in providing this document don’t hire the company.

Another document you want to ask for is the electrician’s insurance coverage. When a electrician is covered by insurance it’s your protection against faulty work that results in damage, injury, or death. Every professional electrician will be able to provide this information to you. If they can’t you don’t want to hire them.

References: References are another thing you want to ask for from the electrician. A reputable electrician will gladly give you any verification of work previously performed. And like both licenses and insurance, if the electrician can not provide this information then they are someone you probably don’t want to hire for your electrical needs.

Estimates & Bids: Now that you have the above information from the electrician and everything seems in order you can ask for an estimate. All professional electricians will give you a written estimate. If the electrician attempts to give you a verbal estimate find another.

Speaking of finding another electrician. It is highly recommended that you seek estimates from several companies before making your final decision. And when you find more than one that meets your criteria ask the competitors to make a bid. Doing this will insure that you get the best electrical work for the best price.

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Why should I upgrade my home’s electrical panel?

3 Reasons to upgrade your home’s electrical panel


Millbrae ElectricianThe electrical panel in your home is the center of your homes electrical distribution. Without this panel, your home would need miles of wiring to get to all of the electrical outlets and needs of your domain connected to your main power source. Keeping this panel in good operating condition is crucial for more than one reason. There are 3 major reasons to have your electrical panel upgraded in your home immediately.

Age is the most important reason to upgrade your electrical panel in your home. In the past when constructing older homes, they were built to the consumer’s usage average, and to restrictions that were much looser then. Simply put, we use more of our outlets for more things by utilizing extension cords and electrical stop bars which when in use put an extra strain on the power that it demands from your electrical unit. This causes spikes in your homes electrical needs and results in blown fuses and in some cases home fires.

A second reason for upgrading your electrical panel in your home is for the protection against fire. Worn or exposed wiring, improper wiring, and overloaded circuits are prime reasons for home fires regarding the electrical. It may be a wise idea to have the wiring replaced and your electrical system upgraded if there are any signs of these issues.

Another reason that you need new electrical panels may involve an upgrade in the home. When homeowners beautify or expand their homes, additional electrical needs installing. If there is an extra room added on or some other home improvement, the electrical will have to route it into the existing electrical lines or have a new electrical panel installed.

The world today relies heavily on the use of electricity. Harnessing this massively dangerous power is the job of your electrical panel in your home. Keeping your panel up to date and making sure to not overload it, will allow you to enjoy your electrical gadgets safely. Updating old panels, fire prevention, and home improvements are three important reasons that you should update your home’s electrical panel.

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Who installs motion sensor lighting?

How Landscape Lighting Makes Your Home Safer


Millbrae ElectricianMany homeowners use landscape lighting on their property to accentuate flower beds, walkways, or specific trees. Landscape lighting is a beautiful way to add to a home’s curb appeal and helps to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for visitors. There is a much more important reason to use landscape lighting, however. Landscape lighting can actually make a home safer for the family that lives there, and for their guests as well.

Statistics have shown that perimeter lighting around the outside of a home is a very effective deterrent for unwanted intruders. Shrubs and trees that are in the shadows provide hiding places for those seeking to break into a home. Landscape lighting can be an important tool to prevent this, especially near entrances. Landscape lights that shine upward help to eliminate shadowy areas, therefore increasing visibility. For even more security, many homeowners appreciate lights with motion sensors. As he or she approaches the door, a motion-sensor light will come on, providing light to find the right key or keep from stumbling over an unexpected toy in the way. There are various kinds of motion-sensor lights, and many prefer the type that lights up when a person or large animal approaches, but not for a small animal such as a cat.

There are several kinds of landscape lighting, including low-voltage lighting and solar-powered lighting. A combination of both kinds is often recommended. An important advantage of solar landscape lighting is that it does not use electricity, so it is a great way to save money while lighting the property. Common areas for solar lights include along a driveway, sidewalk, in flower beds, near swimming pools, and on the risers of decks and outdoor stairs. Guests for an outside event at night, such as a barbecue or swimming party, will appreciate the added security of lighting to let them see where they are going and to help prevent falls. Landscape lighting is a wonderful way for the entire family to enjoy all of their property and be safer while they are participating in outside activities.

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How can an electrician help me remodel my home?

Why You Should Hire An Electrician To Help You Remodel Your Home


Millbrae ElectricianHome remodeling is a huge undertaking for any homeowner. There are so many daunting aspects that go into the job, and it may seem like a whirlwind at first. However, they are many  professionals out there that can make the overall job much easier. For instance, the electricity in your home is something that should not be taken lightly and should never be done by yourself or an amateur. Your home’s electricity contains dangerous amounts of voltage. Hiring a professional electrician is important for overall safety and quality of life.

Faulty wiring leads to fires. That should be enough of a reason to hire a professional electrician. Poorly designed circuits can cause damage to appliances and other electrical equipment. Breaker systems are made up of a very complicated network of circuits, one wrong wiring can cause many different problems. You do not want any of your lights to flicker when ever an appliance turns itself on, foe example.

When you decide to make any structural changes in your home, there are many safety codes that absolutely have to be followed. Building inspectors look for these issues, cite the homeowner when they arise and are unable to sign off on the completed project. A professional electrician will know exactly how to follow these codes and will wire your home appropriately.

When hiring an electrician, you can easily assume that these professionals have a great level of competence when it comes to wiring homes. Master electricians have passed standardized exams on the subject and have years of experience behind them. A master electrician knows national electrical code and any modifications that your state may have made to the code.

Finding a suitable electrician for your home remodeling project is fairly easy. Some electricians specialize in the field of remodeling and know exactly how to wire a home with the additions made. These types of electricians know when a new circuit breaker may be necessary or if the line can handle the load of new input. You can find a dependable electrician through references at your local home builder’s association. If you have hired a general contractor, they typically have a list of dependable electricians.

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Should I upgrade my home’s electrical panel?

Reasons Your Home Electrical Panel Should Be Upgraded


Millbrae ElectricianThe home electrical panels that are in modern homes are much more efficient than they were in the past. However, many people have panels that were placed in their home before 1960. This is a problem for many different reasons, including oversizing a fuse in the panel. It is more common for circuit breakers to be used because they are less risky. A fuse panel can become a fire hazard if the wires overheat. They can overheat from too much electricity being passed through small wires. This can put your home at risk for catching on fire. It is in your best interest to upgrade to a circuit breaker as soon as possible to lower the risks of the fuse panel overheating.

One of the other reasons you may want to upgrade your home electrical panel is because it can become damaged from storms. The most damaging aspect from a storm is the water damage that it can cause. Water can cause shorts in the panel. It can also lead to the components inside experiencing large amounts of corrosion. You do not want corrosion because it can cause hot spots to occur. The hot spots can pose as a fire hazard. It can also lead to the breakers not being able to trip properly in the event of a short. If the panel is not sealed properly, it can give rodents access to the wires. The rodents can chew on the wires, leading to a short.

Appliances, pools, electronics and other modern products in homes tend to need a large amount of electricity. This can lead to you needing to upgrade your electrical panel. Many homes have 100 amp services or less, which is not sufficient enough when you use a lot of electricity. Something as simple as adding additional outlets in your home can lead to it overpowering the electrical panel. An electrician will be able to tell you if your needs will require an upgrade.

You must keep in mind that a poor electrical panel can lead to it being hard to sell your home if it is up for sale. It can also prevent you from insurance coverage. Make sure that you keep it in top shape.

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Where can I find a reliable electrician?

How to make sure you’re hiring the right electrician


Millbrae ElectricianHiring an electrician can be a stress inducing prospect. It’s a transaction between two people that involves quite a bit of trust. In most cases, one’s coming into it blind about the exact nature of the work which needs to be done. However, there are ways to ensure that one’s picked the right electricians for the job.

First and foremost, the biggest rule comes down to personal interaction. It’s true that the nature of electrical work will involve a lot of elements not easily explained to the average layman. At the same time, it’s always possible to give a general explanation about most aspects of the work. The best sign of a great electrician is willingness to explain the general nature of what needs to be done. An electrician who takes pride in their work will also want to ensure that the customer comes away satisfied. There’s a few reasons for this. One is just that a happy customer is part of a well done job. The other is that a happy customer leads to referrals.

Referrals themselves are another great way to be sure of an electrician. This comes in two parts. One should ask around to find out other people’s experience hiring an electrician. At the same time, online resources can be a fantastic tool for referrals. Checking online for other people’s reviews of a service can be a quick and efficient way to get a general feel of what to expect.

It’s also a good idea to get estimates from separate electricians. In general, there’s a rule of three which one should consider. If two electricians give a similar estimate, while the third gives a higher one, it’s a safe assumption that the higher one is over charging.

Lastly, it’s important to see if an electrician is willing to put everything in writing before starting the job. While this might seem like a worrisomely pushy idea, it’s actually for the protection of both parties. Spoken agreements often use inexact language which conveys unintended meaning. When one writes out an agreement for a particular job, the language will be more precise. This ensures the electrician and customer both agree on what’s going to be done.

Keeping one or all of these tips in mind should result in a great experience. The small amount of extra time examining options will usually result in years of satisfaction down the line.

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Should I hire an electrician to help me remodel my home?

Reasons To Hire An Electrician Help you remodel Your home


Millbrae ElectricianNew homeowners often have a lot on their plate and a lot to remember when it comes to getting their home set up and established. While it can be at times a daunting and exhausting experience, it is a necessary one and one that makes the home that much more complete when it is finished. One thing that too often gets overlooked is the importance of hiring an electrician. This is true for both new home buyers or homeowners who have had a home for a number of years. An electrician has years upon years of experience and can help with anything that comes your way. They make sure all of your wires are up to date, in working order, and most of all, safe. This is a vital ingredient in having a home to be proud of and a home that is secure.

An electrician can see things that the average eye might miss or overlook. They have a keen awareness and a skilled hand that definitely comes in handy for homeowners. One cannot put a price tag on the job that they do and the work that is done. They stand behind it one hundred and ten percent. That is why, more and more, people are satisfied with the work being done by electricians.

They do it right the first time so the homeowner can have peace, harmony, and relaxation. They don’t need to spend another minute worrying endlessly about something going wrong or how they are going to afford it and fix it. Once they get it done right the first time, they can rest easy, knowing a job was well done. There is no need to waste another minute or spend another second worrying about poor electrical wiring or work. The time is now to hire a professional that can come over as soon as possible to help you remodel your home and make it the home of your dreams. It really is that simple. However, it all begins with picking up the phone and making the decision to take control of your electrical needs.

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How can I make my house safer?

Benefits of having motion sensor lighting in your home


Millbrae Motion Sensor LightingMotion sensor lighting is a technology that is often seen outside of homes, but as of late, more and more homeowners have begun installing this technology inside of their homes for several reasons. These are just a few of the benefits of having motion sensor lighting in your home.

Save on Electricity: Motion sensor lighting in the home is a fantastic way to save on electricity. How many times have you accidentally left bathroom, kitchen, or living room lights on all night long by accident? With motion sensor lighting, lights are only illuminated when the technology senses movement in the room. When the room is exited and/or doesn’t sense any movement, the lights will conveniently turn off; translating to great savings on your electric bill.

What’s even better is that if you plan to stay in a room for a long period of time without much movement, the motion sensor unit can be adjusted to where it allows that particular room to stay lit regardless of motion or no motion.

Ease of Walking into a Lit Room: Having motion sensor lighting in your home also provides you the ease of stepping into a room and it automatically lighting up. This can be useful in situations where you find yourself in the dark without the ability to see much, as well as when light switches for overhead lighting happen to be all the way across the room. This completely eliminates the need to walk across the entire room to reach them.

Deter Criminals: Lastly, indoor motion sensor lighting is great criminal deterrent. Criminals possess more stealth in the dark, and therefore, they are more able to carry out crime without being caught. When a light automatically illuminates when a criminal steps into your home, this can surprise him into believing that he’s already been caught, dramatically increasing the chance that he will abort his original plan.

Overall, indoor motion sensor lighting is a rather new technology on the scene, and it can come in handy in quite a bit of scenarios. Ins’t it time you updated your home to the 21st century? Are you interested in making your Millbrae home safer? Call 110/220V Electric at 650-784-1886 and get started today! 

How can I make my home safer?

How Landscape Lighting Brightens up Your Home


Millbrae Landscape LightingProfessional landscape lighting can turn a drab, plain home into an elegant abode. Subtle lighting added to your lawn space, patio, deck, walkways, and garden creates a spotlight for the eyes to roam, while creating a warm ambiance for your home that is not overwhelming.

Skilled landscape electricians work creatively to provide the perfect design that invokes a greater appreciation of your home and entertainment spaces. Through the use of low voltage lighting and skilled craftsmanship, they provide lighting schemes that are both aesthetic and efficient.

When it comes to landscape lighting, there are several options to choose from, each performing a different task of functionality and appeal for your yard. Landscape lighting includes outside light fixtures, deck and patio lights, path lights, spotlights, waterscape lighting, and even holiday lights.

Lighting fixtures such as wall lights, refined planters, and chandeliers provide safety for your entryway, while also giving it a distinctive flair. Deck and patio lighting illuminates steps, decks, and pool waters for a perfect cozy, night glow while entertaining guests or during a romantic night of star watching. Walkway lights add style to your yard, while accentuating your pathways and walkways. They are built durable and sturdy enough to withstand harsh elements, so there’s no need to worry during rainy weather.

Spotlights and accent lights are just perfect for casting a down lit night time garden show. They are also great for illuminating decks, gates, trees, and architectural and other distinct features of your home. Turn your home into an enchanting, winter dreamland as golden lights cast a crystal reflection off the fluffy, white snow.

Water landscape lighting incorporates bright, vivid lights to accentuate the sparkling brilliance of your existing waterfall, pond, fountain, or swimming pool for a perfect night of entertaining or relaxation. Professional holiday lighting illuminates your home with the holiday spirit, while hanging icicle lights can be added to your home for a natural, artic view, just perfect for the winter.

Whichever landscape lighting scheme you choose, it is sure to add beauty and the perfect ambiance to your home. Consult with a professional landscape lighting team in your area, for a personal, detailed plan for your home.

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How can I find the right electrician for me?

How to Make Sure You’re Hiring the Right Electrician


Millbrae ElectricianChoosing a good electrician is a big deal. It can cost a pretty large amount of money to have electrical work done and if the electrical work is not performed correctly it can cause health risks and safety hazards that you don’t need. Like any other service that we choose, the first thing you want to do is make sure that your electricity serviceman is licensed to do electrical work and that he has some experience under his belt. The last thing you want to do is bring someone who doesn’t know anything about the trade into your home. Second and equally important, you want to make sure that his experience is relevant to the work is going to perform in your house. Once you are certain that your electrician has these things it is time to dig a bit deeper.

Honesty: As simple as it is goes a long way. We have to be realistic there a lot of shady characters out there looking to do anything they have to to make a little cash. Be conscious about this as you move forward to the next step.

Pricing: You should receive an estimate before the electrician actually begins to start the work on your home. If not, it never hurts to ask. The last thing you want to do is get something worked on that you don’t have the money to pay for. If the electrician keeps changing the estimate it’s probably not a good idea to hire them.

The final step to ensure a pleasant experience with an electrician is to make sure he follows safety precautions. Again, pay attention to detail. If he doesn’t wear safety equipment or inform you about hazards you may want to terminate the service for the safety of both him/her and your family.

A simple way to figure out whether or not you have the right guy is to search for reviews on the internet. There are a plethora of review websites that you should utilize to ensure you’re choosing the right guy. Are you in need of a reliable electrician in the Millbrae area? Call us at 650-784-1886 and schedule a service call today!