How can I keep my energy bills down?

How can I keep my energy bills down?


ApplianceEveryone at one point of time realizes it’s time to slow down on the energy consumption and start saving money on their monthly bills without having to resort to switching their whole operation to solar powered energy generators. There are a few easily approached ways for people to figure out how to lower their energy bill for the rest of their lives, and it won’t require sacrificing their way of life. All that must be done is to divert how each electrical appliance in a home is being used in a way that would ideally lower their energy bill.

Whether living in a cold or warm area, using the air conditioner and heater are usually the largest parts of what makes an energy bill high. Many people think that by closing one or two vents, they can direct the flow of the air or heat into the designated room. What that actually does is block a lot of the air from traveling through the vents which causes them to get clogged up. Cleaning all the vents thoroughly and keeping them open will allow air to travel freely and more effectively through out a home making it reach the desired temperature faster. After the desired temperature is reached, making sure all the windows are closed will trap the cool or warm air in and there is no need to keep the AC or heater on. Turning it off for hours after that won’t affect the overall temperature of the home and you will continue to feel the cool or warm air in all areas of the home.

Air circulation in a home is necessary on a day to day basis. Opening the windows for an hour a day while leaving all blinds open will allow new fresh air to come in and fill up the house. If the only thing being used is an AC, turning it on after that hour of fresh air ventilation will keep the atmosphere nice enough to always feel good inside the house.

Using a washer and dryer are very necessary to keep your clothes in, but dividing your load into weekly loads will slow down your energy use drastically. Most energy companies offer discounts after 8 PM so using your dryer then is the best way to cut costs.

If you must use a dishwasher, make sure it is filled to the top with dishes before you decide to run it. It should also be used once a week only and after 8 PM.

Other appliances and electronics only cost a small fragment of the energy bill, and it drop much lower if all appliances are unplugged from their energy source when they are not being used.

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