Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

Replacing an Electrical Panel


Electrical PanelElectrical panels house the breakers that control the electricity to a home. They control the entire electrical system and keep a home or building safe from power surges. While it is common to “flip a breaker” occasionally for it to happen often may mean it is time to replace the electrical panel.

Reasons to Replace an Electrical Panel

Smaller buildings or homes that are added on to will use more electricity. Using more electricity requires a larger electrical panel to handle the extra load.

Very old homes or buildings have panels that house fuses instead of breakers. Fuses are not as safe as breakers. If you have a home with a fuse box rather than a breaker box, it will need to be updated to a breaker system.

If your home or business is experiencing flickering lights or power surges, and electrician may suggest that a new electrical panel be installed.

The Life Expectancy of an Electrical Panel

Electrical panels do not typically wear out. Depending on the environment they are exposed to and the condition of the wiring, electrical panels should not need replaced often. Most panels should last twenty-five years or longer.

Replacing the Panel

If an electrical panel needs replaced, a professional electrician is the best way to go. Faulty wiring or improperly installed electrical panels are an extreme fire hazard. When the panel is replaced, the electrician will inspect all the wiring to be sure that it is all safe and undamaged.

Replacing an electrical panel is a serious job and most homeowners do not have the knowledge or training to install one safely. Professional electricians are trained to know how to install electrical wiring and panels safely. Electrical problems can be very hazardous and even life threatening. A simple short in a wire can cause a fire. Always consult an electrician to fix electrical problems.

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Why should I upgrade my home’s electrical panel?

3 Reasons to upgrade your home’s electrical panel


Millbrae ElectricianThe electrical panel in your home is the center of your homes electrical distribution. Without this panel, your home would need miles of wiring to get to all of the electrical outlets and needs of your domain connected to your main power source. Keeping this panel in good operating condition is crucial for more than one reason. There are 3 major reasons to have your electrical panel upgraded in your home immediately.

Age is the most important reason to upgrade your electrical panel in your home. In the past when constructing older homes, they were built to the consumer’s usage average, and to restrictions that were much looser then. Simply put, we use more of our outlets for more things by utilizing extension cords and electrical stop bars which when in use put an extra strain on the power that it demands from your electrical unit. This causes spikes in your homes electrical needs and results in blown fuses and in some cases home fires.

A second reason for upgrading your electrical panel in your home is for the protection against fire. Worn or exposed wiring, improper wiring, and overloaded circuits are prime reasons for home fires regarding the electrical. It may be a wise idea to have the wiring replaced and your electrical system upgraded if there are any signs of these issues.

Another reason that you need new electrical panels may involve an upgrade in the home. When homeowners beautify or expand their homes, additional electrical needs installing. If there is an extra room added on or some other home improvement, the electrical will have to route it into the existing electrical lines or have a new electrical panel installed.

The world today relies heavily on the use of electricity. Harnessing this massively dangerous power is the job of your electrical panel in your home. Keeping your panel up to date and making sure to not overload it, will allow you to enjoy your electrical gadgets safely. Updating old panels, fire prevention, and home improvements are three important reasons that you should update your home’s electrical panel.

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Should I upgrade my home’s electrical panel?

Reasons Your Home Electrical Panel Should Be Upgraded


Millbrae ElectricianThe home electrical panels that are in modern homes are much more efficient than they were in the past. However, many people have panels that were placed in their home before 1960. This is a problem for many different reasons, including oversizing a fuse in the panel. It is more common for circuit breakers to be used because they are less risky. A fuse panel can become a fire hazard if the wires overheat. They can overheat from too much electricity being passed through small wires. This can put your home at risk for catching on fire. It is in your best interest to upgrade to a circuit breaker as soon as possible to lower the risks of the fuse panel overheating.

One of the other reasons you may want to upgrade your home electrical panel is because it can become damaged from storms. The most damaging aspect from a storm is the water damage that it can cause. Water can cause shorts in the panel. It can also lead to the components inside experiencing large amounts of corrosion. You do not want corrosion because it can cause hot spots to occur. The hot spots can pose as a fire hazard. It can also lead to the breakers not being able to trip properly in the event of a short. If the panel is not sealed properly, it can give rodents access to the wires. The rodents can chew on the wires, leading to a short.

Appliances, pools, electronics and other modern products in homes tend to need a large amount of electricity. This can lead to you needing to upgrade your electrical panel. Many homes have 100 amp services or less, which is not sufficient enough when you use a lot of electricity. Something as simple as adding additional outlets in your home can lead to it overpowering the electrical panel. An electrician will be able to tell you if your needs will require an upgrade.

You must keep in mind that a poor electrical panel can lead to it being hard to sell your home if it is up for sale. It can also prevent you from insurance coverage. Make sure that you keep it in top shape.

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