Need To Improve The Lighting In Your Home?

What are The Financial Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s Lighting?

Millbrae Electrician When thinking of ways to upgrade the design and appearance of the home, save energy and reduce costs, the home and business lighting system is an excellent place to start. Unlike other home improvement projects businesses and homes can expect a large savings almost immediately. The initial investment is paid for in energy savings and lower utility bills. There are also many rebate and tax incentive plans that allow for a 50-100% rebate on investments when switching to energy savings lighting devices.

Some very simple ways to change an already existing lighting system into an energy efficient one is to upgrade the lamp and ballast, or apply a lighting management system. The lamp and ballast can easily be changed into energy efficient lamps. Other ways to reduce energy costs is to install sensors, dimming, or daylight controls. This may be as simple as a switch that allows for dimming lights when full light isn’t needed, or outside daylight controls that allow lamps to automatically come on at dusk and turn off at daylight. Sensors and switches such as these save a substantial amount on energy costs.

Other ways to upgrade lighting is a complete removal of the current lighting system and installing replacement fixtures to allow for energy reduction. For instance the current lighting system might be replaced with fixtures that allow for florescent or LED lighting. There are other times when not only the fixtures need replaced, but the lighting system itself needs completely redesigned. When redesigning the layout system of lighting should be considered, with things such as home efficiency considered for homes, such as proper illumination of rooms, or special areas, such as sewing rooms, home offices, cooking, and art work. For businesses it would me efficient lighting around desks and work spaces.

Not only does upgrading lighting mean reduction in energy, and cost savings, but the overall carbon blueprint is reduced, which also improves the environment. Taking advantage of any rebate and tax programs will present even further overall savings. Upgrades in lighting also boost productivity. A simple step such as properly illuminating homes, home offices, and work areas can mean not only a decrease in energy expenditures, but an energy boost and productivity. For home businesses and offices that also means a boost in sales and company profits. With results like these there really is no way to lose money by upgrading business and home lighting systems.

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Save Your House From a Catastrophe!

Benefits of Smoke Detectors


Smoke DetectorSmoke detectors are an essential aspect of our daily lives. Smoke detectors not only alarm us when there could be a potential fire but also allow us a chance at catching the fire before it causes grave danger to our families, pets and not to mention decreasing our chances at losing thousands of dollars in damages of the home and our personals. It is very sad when people miss out on beautiful things in life when all they needed from start was a smoke detector to prevent such mishap.

Smoke detectors are battery operated and best of all they are affordable. Depending on where a person may reside, the most a person would pay for a common smoke detector is around $10. Some smoke detectors are equipped with long life lithium batteries that could last up to 10 years. In most areas, these smoke detectors could cost a person $20.

Did you know 13 out of 14 homes in the United States have smoke detector installed and that over sixty percent of all fire related deaths occur in homes without a working smoke alarm?

Having a smoke detector does not necessarily mean you will be protected if you neglect to maintain its working state. To ensure your smoke detector is in tiptop shape, you should perform regular testing to make sure the detector is working properly. Doing so will also determine rather the battery needs changing. If you do not perform regular testing, the likelihood of your family, pet(s), home and even your life could result in fatality.

Along with performing your regular smoke detector testing, you should consider cleaning it as well. Cleaning your smoke detector allows you to prevent dust and dirt build up where smoke is detectable. When dust and dirt particles linger in the vents of the detector, the smoke detector will experience a difficult time sensing smoke or could result in annoying false alarms. In addition, when putting in new dry wall, plaster or paint you should consider covering the smoke detector moving it from the location until everything is clear. It is highly recommended that you don’t paint over the detector.

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Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

Replacing an Electrical Panel


Electrical PanelElectrical panels house the breakers that control the electricity to a home. They control the entire electrical system and keep a home or building safe from power surges. While it is common to “flip a breaker” occasionally for it to happen often may mean it is time to replace the electrical panel.

Reasons to Replace an Electrical Panel

Smaller buildings or homes that are added on to will use more electricity. Using more electricity requires a larger electrical panel to handle the extra load.

Very old homes or buildings have panels that house fuses instead of breakers. Fuses are not as safe as breakers. If you have a home with a fuse box rather than a breaker box, it will need to be updated to a breaker system.

If your home or business is experiencing flickering lights or power surges, and electrician may suggest that a new electrical panel be installed.

The Life Expectancy of an Electrical Panel

Electrical panels do not typically wear out. Depending on the environment they are exposed to and the condition of the wiring, electrical panels should not need replaced often. Most panels should last twenty-five years or longer.

Replacing the Panel

If an electrical panel needs replaced, a professional electrician is the best way to go. Faulty wiring or improperly installed electrical panels are an extreme fire hazard. When the panel is replaced, the electrician will inspect all the wiring to be sure that it is all safe and undamaged.

Replacing an electrical panel is a serious job and most homeowners do not have the knowledge or training to install one safely. Professional electricians are trained to know how to install electrical wiring and panels safely. Electrical problems can be very hazardous and even life threatening. A simple short in a wire can cause a fire. Always consult an electrician to fix electrical problems.

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Does landscape lighting raise the value of my home?

Increase the Value of Your Home With Landscape Lighting


Landscape LightingOne of the most important things you can do for your home’s value is to make the outside appearance attractive. One thing that will not only give your house appeal, but can increase your home’s value, is to add outside, or landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting will help to set your house apart from the others. It is not only a useful addition to your home because of the safety it offers, but when tastefully done, it can be an attractive, visually appealing asset. If ever you needed to sell your home, the outside lighting will “up” the value of your home to where you will recoup what you spend.

If you decide to add outside lighting to help increase the value of your home, you will want to be sure to do it as tastefully, and as appealing as you can, so that others will see the lighting and be attracted to it. You want the lighting to be sufficient, but not too much where it detracts from your home.

So how do you know how to set up your outdoor lighting so that it helps to increase your home’s value? If you have never done outdoor lighting, you can read-up on how to get it set up so it benefits your home, best. You can also read up on how to do outside lighting so that it is not only more cost efficient, but more appealing to people passing by.

Landscape lighting can also add a bit of romance to your property. Outside lighting can make even the smallest, and even, not-so-appealing houses, look much more appealing and desirable. When you have outside lighting, it can make it much more pleasing to drive into your drive, as well as you will have a more secure feeling on your own property.

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What is a time delay fuse and what should I do when encountering one?

What is a time delay fuse and what should I do when encountering one?


Time Delay FuseA time delay fuse is specifically designed for certain applications. Fuses are an integral part of residential electrocution and fire protection. Fuses are designed to fit certain appliances and circuits. If more electrical current contacts a fuse than the fuse is designed for, the contact will cause the fuse to burn out. This stops the electrical current from passing the point of the fuse. This makes the circuit a dead circuit. The operation is similar to the mechanical function of a traditional light bulb. The light contains a thin strip of conductive metal that glows, but does not blow unless the metal becomes weakened by extended usage or by sustaining an improper surge. Fluorescent lamps require a surge to start their function initially. They contain time delay fuses to protect their vulnerable circuitry form that initial sustained surge. This is a common use for time delay fuses in motors, or appliances. These items need the surge to begin or sustain functionality. Often, the electrical motor or surge is necessary to start the function only.

Time delay fuses are engineered to allow an electrical surge for a short period. This exposes the part of the fuse that would normally blow quickly to handle large loads for a small amount of time before that section blows. They are sometimes called slow-blow fuses. Time delay fuses are used in electric motors. These motors require a surge of power to start their mechanical movement. Time delay fuses allow for this surge, but still protect the circuit if the heavy charge is sustained beyond the point that the fuse is rated. This means fuses of any kind should be used for their specific purpose. Using fuses improperly can cause fires and subject people to electrocution. They can also damage or destroy appliances and their internal motors. A blown fuse not only indicates a surge, but it also indicative of a serious electrical problem. The cause of repeated fuse failure indicates that the electricity is surging for a specific reason. A qualified licensed electrician should be called immediately if residential fuses need to be changed often.

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