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Benefits of Smoke Detectors


Smoke DetectorSmoke detectors are an essential aspect of our daily lives. Smoke detectors not only alarm us when there could be a potential fire but also allow us a chance at catching the fire before it causes grave danger to our families, pets and not to mention decreasing our chances at losing thousands of dollars in damages of the home and our personals. It is very sad when people miss out on beautiful things in life when all they needed from start was a smoke detector to prevent such mishap.

Smoke detectors are battery operated and best of all they are affordable. Depending on where a person may reside, the most a person would pay for a common smoke detector is around $10. Some smoke detectors are equipped with long life lithium batteries that could last up to 10 years. In most areas, these smoke detectors could cost a person $20.

Did you know 13 out of 14 homes in the United States have smoke detector installed and that over sixty percent of all fire related deaths occur in homes without a working smoke alarm?

Having a smoke detector does not necessarily mean you will be protected if you neglect to maintain its working state. To ensure your smoke detector is in tiptop shape, you should perform regular testing to make sure the detector is working properly. Doing so will also determine rather the battery needs changing. If you do not perform regular testing, the likelihood of your family, pet(s), home and even your life could result in fatality.

Along with performing your regular smoke detector testing, you should consider cleaning it as well. Cleaning your smoke detector allows you to prevent dust and dirt build up where smoke is detectable. When dust and dirt particles linger in the vents of the detector, the smoke detector will experience a difficult time sensing smoke or could result in annoying false alarms. In addition, when putting in new dry wall, plaster or paint you should consider covering the smoke detector moving it from the location until everything is clear. It is highly recommended that you don’t paint over the detector.

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