Dedicated Circuit Installation – Computer/Copier

Commercial Dedicated Circuit Installation Services in Millbrae

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Commercial Dedicated Circuit Services  in Millbrae, CA

Whether you are moving into a commercial suite or a small retail space at the mall, your electrical needs are unique to your business. Even if you sell clothes or books, you still need a safe electrical system to support your cash registers and computers. At 110/220V Electric Co., we pride ourselves on accurate electrical work for safe electricity at all times. Our professional installation and services will make us your partner in productivity and profits as your electricity runs smoothly everyday. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers have to say here!

What Is A Dedicated Circuit?

You may be familiar with the electrical breaker box at your home, allowing you to have several circuits to support appliances, including laundry centers and refrigerators. Commercial electrical needs differ from residential because you are typically running several high-current units at the same time. A dedicated circuit helps you with the need.

As opposed to running various appliances, a dedicated circuit will only support one or two things, generally the highest consumers of electricity, preventing your whole system from overloading. For example, your computer server and break room refrigerator should be on separate dedicated circuits to avoid power surges. Our technicians can help you identify these troublesome areas and install a dedicated circuit for you today!

Where Are Dedicated Circuits Needed Most?

Your computer server is a perfect example of a required dedicated circuit, but our technicians suggest dedicated circuits for several other areas. Your copier and fax machine should have their own circuits, for instance. Although they do not run all the time, they pull extensive current when they activate, especially if you are copying and receiving a fax at the same time.

Keep your computers, including devices used as cash registers, on a dedicated circuit to keep the accounting system online at all times. You do not want to be checking a customer’s items out and the system suddenly fails. Customers that cannot wait for a quick fix will simply walk out to another supplier.

How Are Dedicated Circuits Beneficial To A Property?

Many companies cannot survive daily projects without dedicated circuits for their computers and office equipment. For example, a technician working in the warehouse may use a generator or power tool periodically through the day. If you run your computers on the same circuit as the technician’s tools, you will have constant power surges. Both the tools and computers will shut off, making any project completion deadline almost impossible to achieve.

 These circuits also benefit a property by adding value. If you own the property, a line of dedicated circuits is a selling point in the future. Prospective buyers do not need to upgrade the electrical system when they move in. Dedicated circuits can make or break a deal.

What Are The Dangers Of Not Having A Dedicated Circuit?

We always want our customers to have a safe commercial environment everyday. Overloaded circuits without dedicated lines will typically overheat. This heat can be substantial, leading to melted wiring, insulation, and possible fire. We can take a look at your daily needs to map out the safest wiring configuration. An electrical fire is easily avoided with our professional evaluation and installation services.

 Choosing 110/220V Electric Co. For Your Dedicated Circuit Installation

Our technicians have many years of experience installing and maintaining commercial dedicated circuits. Allow us to evaluate your office and electrical grid to pinpoint any potential problems. A reliable electrical system will ensure that your commercial property is always working at its highest potential. Additionally it can add a level of safety and value that could become a selling point should you ever need one. Call our technicians today to schedule an appointment, and get your commercial property in pristine condition today!

Do you need to install a dedicated circuit in your Millbrae, CA commercial property? Call our experts at (650) 784-1886 to schedule an appointment today!