Electronic Pool Control System Repair and Installation

Electronic Pool Control System Repair & Installation Services in Millbrae

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Electronic Pool Services  in Millbrae, CA

Computerized pool panels provide an exceptional pool and spa experience. From allowing you to monitor the temperatures to the power of the jets in the pool, a computerized control panel is a great investment on all accounts. At 110/220V Electric Co., we provide the highest quality computerized pool panel repair and installation services. We only use highly qualified electricians that have experience in every type of computerized pool panel system, having worked with everything from residential to commercial systems. Find out what our past customers have to say here, and give us a call today!

What Is A Electronic Pool Control System And How Does It Work?

A computerized pool panel is an electronic interface that allows you to control a number of variables associated with your pool system. This includes managing your temperature, cleaning cycles, and more. Advancing technology is increasing the functionality of computerized pool panels so that they will have the capacity to do even more. You can set timers for the heating system to have the water ready when you are ready to take your swim the pool will be at the ideal temperature.

Periodically these systems must be calibrated, maintained and repaired. At 110/220V Electric Co., we provide a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of the ongoing maintenance and subsequent repairs. Although the user interface for the majority of these systems are very user-friendly, the internal mechanisms and circuitry is highly sophisticated, meaning that you don’t want to trust maintenance and repairs to a company that does not have the experience to perform the services in a competent manner.

What Are The Benefits of Having An Electronic Pool Control System?

A computerize pool panel allows you to systematically manage your pool while enjoying the unique feature associated with your particular pool system. You can control the pumps, the lighting, blowers and other features from one centralized location. More sophisticated units allow a number of macro-functions such as combining numerous circuits on a single button. This would allow you to turn on every circuit connected to that button with one single touch. Once a panel is installed you will have the consistent benefit of having a custom pool experience whenever you want it.

Professional Installation and Repairs

Because of the electrical dynamics and requirements associated with computerized pool panels, they must be installed by a certified electrician. Some of the items needed for professional installations include:

  • Personality Kit – The personality kit is similar to a system regulator, determining how much of what type of equipment your system will be able to control.

  • Power Center – The power center is simply the circuitry box for the system. This box is set up to insure that the right amount of power is distributed.

  • System Controller – The controller will allow you to monitor and adjust all of the settings in your homes pool.

Professional Services From 110/220V Electric Co.

When it comes to your home you always want to have the best services. From expert installations to the best parts, 110/220V Electric Co. has got you covered. Our expert technicians can perform both the installation and repair of these electrical panels to make sure your pool is always to your standards. Additionally we stock the latest and best technologies so you can rest assured knowing your pool is equipped with the very best in electronic pool control systems. Whether your installing a new control panel or repairing your existing one, you can trust our expert technicians will all your needs.

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