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Commercial Furniture Partition Services in Millbrae

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Commercial Furniture Partition Services  in Millbrae, CA

As the character of a business changes, there is often a need for a change in logistics. For instance, when additional office personnel are hired, there is a need for more office space. Adding more space to your workplace can also add expense to your budget. For this need, and for several others, electrical partitions may provide the answer.

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What Are The Different Applications Of Electrical Partitions?

Commercial paneling is a system of movable walls that can enclose a space or wall it off from foot traffic. Electrical partitions are more convenient than hand-operated walls, offer more versatility and save space. They are the answer for a company that needs to reconfigure its space to meet the current demands.

In schools, commercial grade electrical paneling can be used to designate study areas in a library, or to form lab stations in a chemistry classroom. It can also give privacy to counselors working with students and allow children to focus on homework and study when there is a need to segregate them from the rest of the class.

In offices, the movable walls form cubicles for workers. They can set apart any size space required and insulate them from noise. Commercial electrical partitions can even be outfitted with channels for computer and other equipment wires, and soft-wired to provide extra electrical outlets. Some panel models descend from the ceiling and others move along floor tracks.

Hospitals often use commercial electric partitions in dividing patient rooms. This allows more versatility when there is a need for a private room, or when more rooms are needed. The movable walls allow hospitals to make some areas inaccessible to foot traffic. Patient conference rooms can be cordoned off as can wings that house office personnel and not patients.

Hotels and conference centers use the movable walls when changing a banquet room to workshop areas. They can also manage traffic for more than one organization by creating “halls” and blocking off access between meeting rooms.

What Are The Benefits Of Furniture Partitions?

The beauty of commercial electrical partitions is that they can save a business from costly permanent remodeling of its facilities. While there are manually-operated models, commercial electrical partitions allow for greater size, height and ease of operation. Vertical panels recede to the ceiling, taking up no floor storage space. The smooth, quiet operation of most modern units allows them to unobtrusively be put into place. In addition, there are options which add ambiance and versatility, a far cry from the canvas-look screens of the past.

Professional Installations Of Furniture Partitions

The installation of commercial electrical partitions is considered “soft wiring,” but it is not a job for a handy-man or a building maintenance person. We can help you in assessing the utilization and the layout of your partitions, in deciding what kind of movable wall you need and in professionally installing the foundation units. We take the guesswork out of the project and assure that it will meet all the necessary guidelines.

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