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Electrical systems are ever so essential in our daily lives. If you are a California resident looking to learn more about electric wiring in your home, you are in the right place. On this page, we discuss some fundamental components of circuits. Gaining insight on your system may help guide you when making electric decisions for your home. However, trained technicians are the only ones qualified to safely make electrical repairs. We hope that you choose us for your home needs. Our hiring and training process is thorough and perfected. We proudly boast the reliability, knowledge and friendliness of our team. This is why we urge you to click here to read our reviews.

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What is a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is a fuse box; it is typically mounted on the wall of your house. A grey rectangular/box shaped placing contains many electrical switches regulating the electrical current to different areas. The purpose of a circuit beaker is to maintain the current flowing through it at a safe level. If the energy circulating through the system exceeds safe amounts, the circuit breaker switches will automatically stop the flow of electrical current.

What does circuit tripping mean?

Circuit tripping is an automatic block of current flow in your electrical system. You can identify a tripped circuit by looking at the direction of the switch of a circuit breaker. Your circuit beaker is labeled with “on” and “off” on either side of each switch. If the switch has flipped to off automatically, this means it has tripped.

Circuit tripping occurs to prevent burning a fuse, overheating devices and other electrical hazards such as a fire.

There are three main causes for circuit tripping. The first is a circuit overload; if the energy usage of operating devices exceed the capacity your amp circuit, then tripping will occur.

The second cause of is a short circuit. If your electrical wiring is setup improperly, or is somehow rearranged, it is possible that wires that should not be in contact will touch. This will result in a similar outcome as circuit overload. This contact will result in higher current rates flowing to the circuit resulting in current overload. When ground wires faultily make contact with other wires this is called a ground fault.

How can I prevent circuit tripping in my home?

To prevent circuit tripping in your home, you should redistribute the power flow to different circuit breakers. Identify the devices that use high energy and try either not to use them simultaneously using the same circuit, or alternatively, you can move them to an area that is supplied by a different switch.

Here are some of services we provide:

  • Complete home or office rewiring
  • LED recessed lighting installations
  • Panel box installations
  • 220v circuits and plugs
  • Lighting designs
  • GFCI Outlets
  • Miscellaneous

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