Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation

Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation Services in Millbrae

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Every company can see benefits from great choices in indoor and outdoor lighting placed strategically throughout the property. From customer satisfaction to employee satisfaction, professional lighting solutions is an efficient way to improve your commercial property. At 110/220V Electric Co. our expert technicians can help you make this dream a reality. We offer full service lighting design and installation services to get your commercial property looking the way you’ve always wanted it. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers have to say here!

What Are The Different Types Of Indoor Commercial Lighting Systems Available?

Lighting For The Reception Area – Good first impressions are essential to making any company’s reception area warm and inviting. Customers, vendors, and employees benefit from attractive reception area lighting. This includes track lighting, overhead lighting, wall lights and accent lighting.

Lighting For Open Office Areas – Crucial to business operations, effective lighting is essential in all the open office areas. The nice thing about today’s options in open office lighting is that outdoor light can now be used to supplement light coming from fixtures.

Hallway Lighting – Inviting hallways feature lighting from sources like overhead lighting, wall accents and beautiful styles of track lighting.

Lighting For Meeting Areas – Attractive lighting in meeting rooms helps to encourage exciting exchanges of ideas. This can help businesses meet their goals. Lighting options include track lighting, overhead and stylish accent lights.

Lighting To Brighten Private Office Areas – Private offices that feature bright, attractive lighting encourage users of these areas to be more creative and effective in their work. Lighting can be used to enhance interesting architectural features in the office as well as creating a please environment for employees.

Effective Lighting For Back Rooms & Warehouses – Employees working in this environment need extra light for the duties that demand good vision. These special duties include keeping track of inventory and lifting and moving inventory. LED lighting is a great option for these areas as it provides bright light that is also energy-efficient.

What Are Good Choices In Outdoor Commercial Lighting?

– Sign Lighting – A company’s sign is often the first thing seen by customers, vendors, patrons and visitors to a company. To make the best impression, all sign lighting must be checked often for lights that are burned out or flickering. Due to the prominence of this type of lighting, our lighting installation experts can help you by installing the right lighting to reflect your business in the best light.

– Outdoor Parking Lot And Parking Garage Lighting – This lighting is crucial for safety and for aesthetic purposes. To completely illuminate a garage or parking area, choose to have our experts install effective lighting for your peace of mind.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Design And Professional Installation?

Every business wants to be highlighted in the best light. Choosing from the many beautiful custom lighting options available today ensures that all lighting will reflect the values of your business. Attractive and functional indoor and outdoor lighting will also add beauty and efficiency to your company, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Having custom lighting installed by professionals ensures that all your commercial lights will stay shining beautifully. Excellent lighting creates an ambiance that is inspirational to employees to help them do their best work. Our outstanding reputation for high quality work done with integrity lets you rest assured that your new commercial indoor and outdoor lighting will be installed correctly, giving you many years of exceptional service. Call us today to schedule a consultation and let us make your commercial lighting solutions a reality.

Do you need commercial lighting solutions in your Millbrae, CA property? Call our experts at (650) 784-1886 for custom design and installation services today!