Need To Improve The Lighting In Your Home?

What are The Financial Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s Lighting?

Millbrae Electrician When thinking of ways to upgrade the design and appearance of the home, save energy and reduce costs, the home and business lighting system is an excellent place to start. Unlike other home improvement projects businesses and homes can expect a large savings almost immediately. The initial investment is paid for in energy savings and lower utility bills. There are also many rebate and tax incentive plans that allow for a 50-100% rebate on investments when switching to energy savings lighting devices.

Some very simple ways to change an already existing lighting system into an energy efficient one is to upgrade the lamp and ballast, or apply a lighting management system. The lamp and ballast can easily be changed into energy efficient lamps. Other ways to reduce energy costs is to install sensors, dimming, or daylight controls. This may be as simple as a switch that allows for dimming lights when full light isn’t needed, or outside daylight controls that allow lamps to automatically come on at dusk and turn off at daylight. Sensors and switches such as these save a substantial amount on energy costs.

Other ways to upgrade lighting is a complete removal of the current lighting system and installing replacement fixtures to allow for energy reduction. For instance the current lighting system might be replaced with fixtures that allow for florescent or LED lighting. There are other times when not only the fixtures need replaced, but the lighting system itself needs completely redesigned. When redesigning the layout system of lighting should be considered, with things such as home efficiency considered for homes, such as proper illumination of rooms, or special areas, such as sewing rooms, home offices, cooking, and art work. For businesses it would me efficient lighting around desks and work spaces.

Not only does upgrading lighting mean reduction in energy, and cost savings, but the overall carbon blueprint is reduced, which also improves the environment. Taking advantage of any rebate and tax programs will present even further overall savings. Upgrades in lighting also boost productivity. A simple step such as properly illuminating homes, home offices, and work areas can mean not only a decrease in energy expenditures, but an energy boost and productivity. For home businesses and offices that also means a boost in sales and company profits. With results like these there really is no way to lose money by upgrading business and home lighting systems.

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