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Commercial Electric Receptacle Additions in Millbrae

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new receptacles additions Services  in Millbrae, CA

Receptacles are the outlets that channel electricity to devices when they are plugged into them. Just about every commercial business requires receptacles to operate. From connecting appliance and equipment, to customer use, properly functioning electrical receptacles is imperative. At 110/220V Electric Co. our professional staff is here to assist you with the installation and repairs of these commercial receptacles. Find out what our past customers have to say about our services here, and schedule an appointment today!

What Are The Different Types of Commercial Receptacles Available?

  • Ungrounded Polarized – These are one of the most common types of receptacles. They feature two slots that are of different sizes. One of the slots accommodates the neutral wire, whereas the other one accommodates the hot wire.

  • Grounded Receptacles – These are commonly used in modern construction projects. They can receive a two-pronged plug that also has a ground plug or three-pronged plugs that include ground plugs. These types of plugs are considered more stable than ungrounded ones since they won’t come undone as easily as ungrounded ones.

  • GFCI Receptacles – GFCI is the acronym for ground fault circuit interrupter. These types of receptacles are commonly installed outdoors and in kitchens and bathrooms, basically anywhere where there is an increased likelihood of a ground fault occurring. GFCIs have circuit breakers built into them that prevent electricity from traveling anywhere except through the wire or appliance that it is supposed to travel through. This prevents any kind of shock or electrocution from traveling through the ground and harming humans.

  • 240-Volt Receptacle – 240-volt receptacles have a T-shaped slot, a straight sideways slot and a ground slot. They come in 20-amp and 30-amp versions. Clothes dryers and electric range ovens are examples of the types of appliances used with these types of receptacles.

What Are The Benefits Of Newer Receptacles?

Newer receptacles are generally more beneficial than older ones because they are safer than older ones. Buildings that don’t have the proper types of receptacles installed in them could be in violation of building codes, which could end up costing them a lot in fines and fees. Additionally, new receptacles have a tendency to be more energy efficient as they have newer technology behind them. Give our technicians a call to find out exactly how a new electrical receptacle can benefit your commercial property.

Professional Receptacle Installation Services

Installing receptacles is best done by professionals. Our technicians have the licensure, knowledge and experience needed ensure that the wiring is done appropriately and that the receptacles are installed in the safest manner. It is especially important for higher amperage outlets to be professionally installed since these types of outlets pose the most risk factor if they are installed wrong. Our technicians will not only help you with the installation but also provide you with support in the future should you ever have any issues with these receptacles.

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