Panel Box Upgrades and Installation

Panel Box Upgrades & Installation Services in Millbrae

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Panel Box Upgrades Services  in Millbrae, CA

When it comes to electricity in your home there are few places more important that your electric panel box. This little box acts as the circuit board of your home and when there are problems with it many other things can go wrong as well. To help keep your home safe and your electric system properly working it is important that only a professional licensed electrician work on your panel box. Here at 110/220V Electric Co. we are dedicated to ensuring that your electric box is in good working condition and that you and your family are safe. Find out what our past customers have to say here and call to schedule an appointment today!

New Panel Box Installation

If you are building your home one of the first items that you should have installed is a new electric panel box. The fuses in this box route electricity all through your home and is responsible for shutting off should there be a power surge or too much electricity is pulled through a single line. Without this box your home would be at a severe risk for fire, so it is important that installation is done by a licensed and knowledgeable electric company.

Do You Need To Repair Or Upgrade Your Existing Panel Box?

Whether your are buying your home or you have lived in it for awhile, the electric panel box should have routine maintenance. With that being said, this box is often neglected until something goes wrong. For our customers we are dedicated to ensuring that your box is using fuses and wiring that are up to current code standards.

By upgrading the fuses and wiring in your box you are significantly cutting the risk for fires caused by faulty emergency shut-off fuses or wiring that has degraded over time. Upgrading this box allows you and your family the safety of knowing that your box is constantly offering you protection against fire hazards.

Additionally, through the upgrading of a panel box you can save yourself money on electric costs as newer wiring and fuses can be more energy efficient. Also once our technicians inspect your panel box they can determine whether or not your home is using the correct amount of electricity to power your home.

Electrical Panel Box Inspection And Maintenance Services

Having a working electric panel box in good working condition is integral to keeping your home safe. To help our customers ensure that their box is always in top working order, we gladly offer affordable box inspection and maintenance services. During our services we will inspect your panel box, its wiring, fuses, and other parts to ensure that they have not been exposed to over heating or dangerous electrical surges. By having the box routinely inspected homeowners are taking an important step in lowering the risk of a home fire.

Whether you have an existing box or need a new one installed, here at 110/220v Electric Co. we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers’ electric panel boxes are up to current code and are always in good working condition. If you are building a home or haven’t had your box inspected in a while, please give us a call today to take a step toward fire safety by having your panel box inspected. If we find issues, we will go through them with you and give you detailed explanations as to what the problem is, what it means, and how we can best fix the problem in an affordable and timely manner. Please don’t wait until there is a problem with your box. Call us today and get industry leading services in no time!

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