Power Panel Installations

Commercial Power Panel Installation Services in Millbrae

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Commercial Power Panel Services  in Millbrae, CA

As commercial properties expand, the need for larger electrical flow may be necessary; especially if moving to a larger property. Without a panel box that can support this type of property you could be left with a serious issue where some areas of the property have faulty electrical use. Our technicians can assist you in choosing and installing a new power panel to support your electrical needs. See what our past customers have to say here, and schedule an appointment with our technicians today!

How Do Electrical Panels Differ In Commercial Properties?

The primary differences between electric panels will be a result of the different codes, standards, and guidelines that govern electrical systems in a certain area. Our technicians will be able to help our customers choose the perfect commercial electrical panel that will best suit their needs. There are several different type of panels, including:

  • Main Breaker Panels – This type of panel will protect the electrical system in a building from being exposed to a surge of energy that will cause it to be overwhelmed and short circuit.

  • Main Lug Panels – This type of breaker is much more difficult to disconnect because the wires run to the lugs.

  • Sub Panels – This system allows different amounts of energy to be redistributed throughout the building if the breaker does not have enough room for new circuits.

  • Transfer Switches – There are two types of transfer switches. Automatic transfer switches allow the power that is created by a portable generator to automatically be transferred to the electrical system. Manual transfer switches require a person to actively switch the power over.

What is the Installation Process for Electric Panels?

Our technicians will first prep the area for installation. This generally includes the removal of the old panel box and all old or ages wiring. Once this is done we will ensure that all corresponding wiring is ready to be connected to the new panel. The panel will then be installed completely level and connected to the electric grid in your property. After this you will be able to enjoy the added benefits of an upgraded electrical panel. Our technicians are always at the ready to perform these services efficiently and effectively.

How Can Professional Services Be Beneficial To Customers?

As detailed above, installing an electrical panel is a rather involved process. In order to ensure that the process is completed correctly, as well as efficiently, we highly recommend hiring professional services. Our representatives will be able to explain how the system works, how to maintain it, and what to do if something goes wrong. Customers, armed with that knowledge, will be able to choose the correct panel to install in a commercial property. Additionally we are available to service the new panel should an issue ever arise.

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