Room Addition Electrical Wiring

Room Addition Electrical Services in Millbrae

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Room Addition Electrical Services  in Millbrae, CA

The addition of a new room can be an exciting time as plans are made for its use and future enjoyment by the family. However, adding a room to your home requires forethought, not just in terms of design, but also for the electrical wiring that will be involved. Thinking about the wiring in advance can help that new room perfectly suit the family’s needs. This will require professional electrical services to be performed by expert technicians. See what our past customers have to say here, and call us to schedule an appointment today!

Why Do You Need Professional Installations For Wiring In New Rooms?

The installation of wiring in a newly constructed room is a job that requires not only expert knowledge, but also the appropriate permits and expertise to accomplish it correctly. Our expert electricians can work with blueprints or design an electrical system suited to your new addition. We will acquire the necessary permits and certifications to ensure that your homes new addition is up to the standards of the Millbrae, CA area.

What Type Of Wiring Goes Into New Rooms?

The type of wiring that should be installed in new room construction is dependent on the proposed use of the room and what connections are necessary.

  • First, the main electric panel needs to be checked to see if the existing electrical supply is sufficient to accommodate additional wiring or if the panel needs to be upgraded.

  • Second, light fixtures, ceiling fans and other appliances placed in locations where they provide the best use must be planned.

  • Third, addition to electrical wiring and outlets are installed to support the addition. Cabling is usually installed to mount light fixtures and perhaps a central lighting control system as well as wiring for phone jacks, smoke detectors, or telecommunications devices.

Custom Electrical Installations For New Rooms

Today’s homes are are using more complex, integrated systems which should be installed by a professional to ensure that they function properly. Custom wiring installations can avoid problems such as short circuits, guarantee proper operation of devices, and avoid potentially dangerous connections.

Some popular custom installations include video surveillance systems for the interior and exterior of the home, audio video wiring with sound systems throughout the house, homes theater systems, and as more businesses are operated out of the home, phone lines and connections for office equipment.

Outdoors, people may wish to add automatic sprinkler systems to make life easier and add value to the home, solar panels to lock in the cost of electricity, electric lines for swimming pools or hot tubs, and satellite television and cable.

Professional Services From 110/220V Electric Co.

As homeowners and professional electricians, we understand the need for efficient electrical services for all parts of the home. We offer bonded, insured and licensed professional electricians who provide prompt service whether your need is troubleshooting, electrical repair in an existing system or if you are planning an upgrade to your current system or a new installation. Referral and repeat business is the backbone of good business and we are happy to offer prompt, courteous service to old and new customers alike. We are proud of our reputation as a caring, honest company which offers competitive pricing and well-trained electricians to meet your every electrical need.

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