Septic Tank Electrical Wiring

Septic Tank Electrical Wiring Services in Millbrae

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Septic tank Services  in Millbrae, CA

A septic tank is used to remove waste from your home and safely dispose of it. Over time these septic tanks can take a beating from overuse and lack of maintenance. A poorly set up or maintained septic tank can poison the water supply for several blocks around it as well as spill into your homes landscape. Some septic tanks use gravity to move the waste along the system. Other septic systems have interior pumps which periodically pump solids out to prevent the septic tank from excessive build up. If you have a septic tank pump, and need professional electrical services, then our technicians are here to help. See what our past customers have to say here, and give us a call today!

What Is A Septic Tank Pump And How Does It Work?

Septic pumps are small and designed to work in conjunction with the septic tank to remove waste quicker. They normally only run a few minutes at any one time but require efficient wiring to ensure they perform properly. As with all electrical and mechanical systems, proper installation and a preventative maintenance program with inspections of the pump every few years can extend the lifetime. Call our expert technicians today and let us help you prevent disaster.

What Are Signs Of Electrical Issues In Your Septic Tank Pump?

The septic tank pump runs off of electricity to function properly. Like any other utility in your home however at some point something is going to go wrong. Common signs of electrical faults in a septic tank pump include:

  • Constantly Running Pump

  • Higher Than Usual Electric Bills

  • Excessive Flushing

If you find any of these issues to be plaguing your home’s septic tank pump, getting professional services is imperative.  At 110/220V Electric Co. our technicians are here to help you keep your septic tank pump working perfectly at all times!

Septic Tank Pump Installation Services

Septic pumps are installed when the septic system is put in. Most installers run the electrical wiring directly into a circuit box and hardwire the pump into place. This means there is no plug or outlet to worry about. Many pumps come with an alarm to alert the homeowner if the pump fails. A non-functional system leads to waste backing up into the home.

We have the proper knowledge and experience to install the complete system. Any mistakes by a do-it-yourselfer can lead to contaminated soil, which may sicken, or even kill any person who is exposed to it. Mistakes in wiring might lead to pumps that do not work properly, or even worse, an electrical fire. Improper wiring can also cause the ground around the septic system to become electrified, which can lead to harmful and fatal shocks.

The 110/220V Electric Co. Difference

The septic tank is integral to the proper functionality of your homes plumbing system. When it fails to function properly you could be left with serious issues in your home. Through the installation and maintenance of a septic tank pump you can always rest easy knowing your septic tank is working efficiently and correctly at all times. Our technicians can assist you with the installation of this system and ensure that it is always working at all times. We employ only highly skilled, licensed, and insured electrical technicians who can get the job done correctly the first time!

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