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Commercial Voice & Data Cabling Services in Millbrae

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The standard cable that is used for the transfer of information data through a networking system is called Category 5, or CAT5. This wire is highly efficient in the transfer of voice or signal data that computer systems rely on to communicate. The most common application for this wire is used to connect a computer to the internet via a router, switch, or modem. Professional installation of wiring networks is preferred as the cable construction and layout not only requires special tools but also must be configured properly to be effective. Our technicians can perform these installations effectively and efficiently. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers have to say here!

How Are Voice & Data Cables Used In Commercial Settings?

In commercial properties, networks and internet use are a prevalent and necessary function. Network servers will often be housed in one area of the building and the various connections are spread like branches of an old tree. Having these branches sprawling out across the floor and hanging haphazardly is not only a safety concern but is also unsightly.

We can make these connections by running the cable through the walls and secluded areas to their appropriate locations and ensuring connectivity. Like having an electrical outlet on every wall, having a CAT5 connection will allow each space to be ready for connection. This is ideal for buildings that house small offices or large buildings where multiple networks connect and will optimize workflow and increase productivity.

Professional Installation Process

Ensuring that the cables are out of sight and in locations that provide the greatest utilization, we run several hundred feet of CAT5 cable through empty spaces, between walls, ceilings and floors. This process requires our technicians to cleanly cut holes in walls, create conduits, and lay wire in ceiling spaces. We’ll professionally place connection hubs and switches in designated cabinets and closets to provide proper enclosure. Once the cabling has been run we will then terminate the ends of the connections. Our trained technicians have specialty tools that put the ends on the exposed wires and place cover plates on walls and spaces that need them.

Choosing 110/220V Electric Co. For Your Data Wiring Needs

By using our professional cable installation services you will avoid the hassle and energy of performing a job that is dirty and technical. Running the cable itself is a dirty part of our job. We are crawl through dirty attics, cut holes through drywall, and dredge through the lower foundations of the building. In some occasions, the cable will get blocked or kinked and require the use of specialty tools and messy lubricants to allow the cable passage through small spaces.

Once we’ve run the cabling, terminating the ends of the cable requires a special configuration as well as more specialty tools to complete the job. If the cables are not terminated correctly there will be a problem with the connection and transmission of data will not be possible. We will use trade related electrical testing devices to ensure that the cable is ran and terminated properly.

Network topography and cable installation are widely becoming a necessity in every home or office. The transfer of information in the form of data or voice relies on the same principles as electricity. CAT5 cabling is the cornerstone of this information transfer. Our professional services are here to make that connectivity happen.

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