Commercial Electric Services

Commercial properties, like residential, require regular electrical services in order to function properly. From blown fuses and circuits, to damaged lights, and everything in between, our technicians have a solution for you. We will perform thorough inspections to ensure that all aspects of your electrical system is functioning perfectly.

When You Choose Us You Can Expect….

  • Experienced and professional technicians with the training to get the job done right the first time.
  • Fully insured and bonded technicians to guarantee safety in your home.
  • Quality work which is performed on time and on budget; every time!

Commercial Electrical Troubleshooting Issues

In many instances you may have an electrical issue that seems almost undiagnosable. These little issues can quickly evolve into a serious electrical issue in your commercial property. These little problems can include :

  • Flickering Lights
  • Higher Than Usual Electric Bills
  • Damaged Outlets
  • Low Electrical Flow
  • And More!

When these issues strike, electrical troubleshooting needs to be performed. Our expert technicians can inspect your commercial property and find the root source of the issue. We will perform thorough testing to make sure that the problem is solved, and that your electrical system is working in top shape. When it comes to electrical issues, you can put your trust in 110/220V Electric Co.

Do You Want To Upgrade The Electrical System In Your Commercial Property?

Electrical upgrades can also be very valuable in helping a property as everyone needs power to complete their daily tasks. Electrical upgrades can prevent inconveniences such as tripping the circuit breaker when too many appliances are being used at once. One of the main benefits of electrical upgrades is the increase in safety and security, as upgrades can prevent electric fires from old or poor wiring.

Modern technology, including various kitchen appliances, computers, and television sets, create a strain on electric service. As a result, it is essential to make sure that wiring is updated to prevent the electrical system from overloading. Our technicians can assist you in these upgrades and even provide you new electrical panel installations.

Do You Need To Relocated Your Commercial Property?

When our customers move from one office to another, one of the more complicated issues is the removal of electrical items such as data cables and furniture partitions and their relocation. At 110/220V Electric Co. our technicians are ready to perform the very best electrical relocation services to help set up your new office or venue without the headache. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get your business transitioned efficiently and effectively.

Our Commercial Services Include:

  • Furniture Partitions
  • Dedicated Circuit Installations
  • Voice & Data Cabling
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Design
  • Tenant Improvements
  • And More!

If your in need of commercial electrical services in the Millbrae, CA area, look no further than 110/220V Electric Co. Our highly skilled technicians will be able to perform the necessary services to get your commercial property in working order. Call us today to schedule a consultation and have the peace of mind that comes from industry leading services.

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Commercial Electrical Troubleshooting Services

Electrical systems in commercial properties are heavily utilized and therefore require immediate action should there be any fault. At 110/220V Electric Co. we understand the critical nature of our commercial customers. We are a company dedicated to providing excellent and cost-effective electrical services for your business.

We can handle any commercial electric projects, no matter how small or large. No matter what the issue is or where it is located, you can trust that our technicians will find the source efficiently and effectively.

What Are Common Electrical Issues In Commercial Properties?

Electric issues are a common occurrence in any property. Over time the electrical system can wear down and eventually become damaged. However, understanding that these issues require professional services is imperative for the safety of your commercial property. Common electrical issues include:

  • Breakers Continuously Flipping
  • Exposed Wiring
  • Flickering Light Bulbs
  • Power Surges
  • Faulty Power Outlets

Again, there are a number of things that can cause these type of issues. We want to help you ensure a safe environment for your employees and customers. Contact us today if you are experiencing any of these issues, and we will dispatch an electrician to troubleshoot the problem for you immediately.

What Is The Troubleshooting Process?

When we receive a call from a commercial customer, we dispatch a professional electrician as soon as possible. Once the electrician arrives, you will discuss any noticeable problems or concerns. The more information you provide, the better equipped we will be to help alleviate your issues.

The electrician will then investigate possible problems with your electrical system. All of your outlets and wall switches will be inspected, your service panel(s) will be inspected along with all connecting wiring, and grounding of the system will be verified. At this point the electrician will evaluated suspected problems and provide you with a written recommendation for repairs. Keep in mind that our goal is to provide cost-effective and affordable commercial services to all of our customers.

How Are Electrical Repairs Performed?

Once the source of the issue is detected, and you agree to the estimates, our expert technicians will begin the work. Each type of repair is different and you will be given project details prior to and throughout the process of repairs. In some cases, repairs can be extensive and require the removal of ceiling tiles, wall panels, appliances, etc. You will be informed of these situations prior to the actual removal. Our highly qualified technicians can perform these services effectively and with little to no disruption for your daily activities in your commercial property.

What Is The Importance Of Professional Services?

Electrical work must always be performed by a certified electrician. Faulty work can lead to dangerous conditions in your workplace. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that the services we provide you commercial property are of the highest caliber. Call our staff today and allow us to help troubleshoot the electrical issues in your commercial property effectively and efficiently.

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Commercial Power Panel Installation Services

As commercial properties expand, the need for larger electrical flow may be necessary; especially if moving to a larger property. Without a panel box that can support this type of property you could be left with a serious issue where some areas of the property have faulty electrical use. Our technicians can assist you in choosing and installing a new power panel to support your electrical needs.

How Do Electrical Panels Differ In Commercial Properties?

The primary differences between electric panels will be a result of the different codes, standards, and guidelines that govern electrical systems in a certain area. Our technicians will be able to help our customers choose the perfect commercial electrical panel that will best suit their needs. There are several different type of panels, including:

  • Main Breaker Panels – This type of panel will protect the electrical system in a building from being exposed to a surge of energy that will cause it to be overwhelmed and short circuit.
  • Main Lug Panels – This type of breaker is much more difficult to disconnect because the wires run to the lugs.
  • Sub Panels – This system allows different amounts of energy to be redistributed throughout the building if the breaker does not have enough room for new circuits.
  • Transfer Switches – There are two types of transfer switches. Automatic transfer switches allow the power that is created by a portable generator to automatically be transferred to the electrical system. Manual transfer switches require a person to actively switch the power over.

What is the Installation Process for Electric Panels?

Our technicians will first prep the area for installation. This generally includes the removal of the old panel box and all old or ages wiring. Once this is done we will ensure that all corresponding wiring is ready to be connected to the new panel. The panel will then be installed completely level and connected to the electric grid in your property. After this you will be able to enjoy the added benefits of an upgraded electrical panel. Our technicians are always at the ready to perform these services efficiently and effectively.

How Can Professional Services Be Beneficial To Customers?

As detailed above, installing an electrical panel is a rather involved process. In order to ensure that the process is completed correctly, as well as efficiently, we highly recommend hiring professional services. Our representatives will be able to explain how the system works, how to maintain it, and what to do if something goes wrong. Customers, armed with that knowledge, will be able to choose the correct panel to install in a commercial property. Additionally we are available to service the new panel should an issue ever arise.

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Commercial Electric Receptacle Additions

Receptacles are the outlets that channel electricity to devices when they are plugged into them. Just about every commercial business requires receptacles to operate. From connecting appliance and equipment, to customer use, properly functioning electrical receptacles is imperative. At 110/220V Electric Co. our professional staff is here to assist you with the installation and repairs of these commercial receptacles. 

What Are The Different Types of Commercial Receptacles Available?

  • Ungrounded Polarized – These are one of the most common types of receptacles. They feature two slots that are of different sizes. One of the slots accommodates the neutral wire, whereas the other one accommodates the hot wire.
  • Grounded Receptacles – These are commonly used in modern construction projects. They can receive a two-pronged plug that also has a ground plug or three-pronged plugs that include ground plugs. These types of plugs are considered more stable than ungrounded ones since they won’t come undone as easily as ungrounded ones.
  • GFCI Receptacles – GFCI is the acronym for ground fault circuit interrupter. These types of receptacles are commonly installed outdoors and in kitchens and bathrooms, basically anywhere where there is an increased likelihood of a ground fault occurring. GFCIs have circuit breakers built into them that prevent electricity from traveling anywhere except through the wire or appliance that it is supposed to travel through. This prevents any kind of shock or electrocution from traveling through the ground and harming humans.
  • 240-Volt Receptacle – 240-volt receptacles have a T-shaped slot, a straight sideways slot and a ground slot. They come in 20-amp and 30-amp versions. Clothes dryers and electric range ovens are examples of the types of appliances used with these types of receptacles.

What Are The Benefits Of Newer Receptacles?

Newer receptacles are generally more beneficial than older ones because they are safer than older ones. Buildings that don’t have the proper types of receptacles installed in them could be in violation of building codes, which could end up costing them a lot in fines and fees. Additionally, new receptacles have a tendency to be more energy efficient as they have newer technology behind them. Give our technicians a call to find out exactly how a new electrical receptacle can benefit your commercial property.

Professional Receptacle Installation Services

Installing receptacles is best done by professionals. Our technicians have the licensure, knowledge and experience needed ensure that the wiring is done appropriately and that the receptacles are installed in the safest manner. It is especially important for higher amperage outlets to be professionally installed since these types of outlets pose the most risk factor if they are installed wrong. Our technicians will not only help you with the installation but also provide you with support in the future should you ever have any issues with these receptacles.

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Commercial Furniture Partition Services

As the character of a business changes, there is often a need for a change in logistics. For instance, when additional office personnel are hired, there is a need for more office space. Adding more space to your workplace can also add expense to your budget. For this need, and for several others, electrical partitions may provide the answer.

At 110/220V Electric Co. we offer modern and efficient electrical partition services for commercial properties in the Millbrae area. When you use our services you can rest assured that you will get the best services without breaking the bank. 

What Are The Different Applications Of Electrical Partitions?

Commercial paneling is a system of movable walls that can enclose a space or wall it off from foot traffic. Electrical partitions are more convenient than hand-operated walls, offer more versatility and save space. They are the answer for a company that needs to reconfigure its space to meet the current demands.

In schools, commercial grade electrical paneling can be used to designate study areas in a library, or to form lab stations in a chemistry classroom. It can also give privacy to counselors working with students and allow children to focus on homework and study when there is a need to segregate them from the rest of the class.

In offices, the movable walls form cubicles for workers. They can set apart any size space required and insulate them from noise. Commercial electrical partitions can even be outfitted with channels for computer and other equipment wires, and soft-wired to provide extra electrical outlets. Some panel models descend from the ceiling and others move along floor tracks.

Hospitals often use commercial electric partitions in dividing patient rooms. This allows more versatility when there is a need for a private room, or when more rooms are needed. The movable walls allow hospitals to make some areas inaccessible to foot traffic. Patient conference rooms can be cordoned off as can wings that house office personnel and not patients.

Hotels and conference centers use the movable walls when changing a banquet room to workshop areas. They can also manage traffic for more than one organization by creating “halls” and blocking off access between meeting rooms.

What Are The Benefits Of Furniture Partitions?

The beauty of commercial electrical partitions is that they can save a business from costly permanent remodeling of its facilities. While there are manually-operated models, commercial electrical partitions allow for greater size, height and ease of operation. Vertical panels recede to the ceiling, taking up no floor storage space. The smooth, quiet operation of most modern units allows them to unobtrusively be put into place. In addition, there are options which add ambiance and versatility, a far cry from the canvas-look screens of the past.

Professional Installations Of Furniture Partitions

The installation of commercial electrical partitions is considered “soft wiring,” but it is not a job for a handy-man or a building maintenance person. We can help you in assessing the utilization and the layout of your partitions, in deciding what kind of movable wall you need and in professionally installing the foundation units. We take the guesswork out of the project and assure that it will meet all the necessary guidelines.

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Commercial Dedicated Circuit Installation Services

Whether you are moving into a commercial suite or a small retail space at the mall, your electrical needs are unique to your business. Even if you sell clothes or books, you still need a safe electrical system to support your cash registers and computers. At 110/220V Electric Co., we pride ourselves on accurate electrical work for safe electricity at all times. Our professional installation and services will make us your partner in productivity and profits as your electricity runs smoothly everyday.

What Is A Dedicated Circuit?

You may be familiar with the electrical breaker box at your home, allowing you to have several circuits to support appliances, including laundry centers and refrigerators. Commercial electrical needs differ from residential because you are typically running several high-current units at the same time. A dedicated circuit helps you with the need.

As opposed to running various appliances, a dedicated circuit will only support one or two things, generally the highest consumers of electricity, preventing your whole system from overloading. For example, your computer server and break room refrigerator should be on separate dedicated circuits to avoid power surges. Our technicians can help you identify these troublesome areas and install a dedicated circuit for you today!

Where Are Dedicated Circuits Needed Most?

Your computer server is a perfect example of a required dedicated circuit, but our technicians suggest dedicated circuits for several other areas. Your copier and fax machine should have their own circuits, for instance. Although they do not run all the time, they pull extensive current when they activate, especially if you are copying and receiving a fax at the same time.

Keep your computers, including devices used as cash registers, on a dedicated circuit to keep the accounting system online at all times. You do not want to be checking a customer’s items out and the system suddenly fails. Customers that cannot wait for a quick fix will simply walk out to another supplier.

How Are Dedicated Circuits Beneficial To A Property?

Many companies cannot survive daily projects without dedicated circuits for their computers and office equipment. For example, a technician working in the warehouse may use a generator or power tool periodically through the day. If you run your computers on the same circuit as the technician’s tools, you will have constant power surges. Both the tools and computers will shut off, making any project completion deadline almost impossible to achieve.

 These circuits also benefit a property by adding value. If you own the property, a line of dedicated circuits is a selling point in the future. Prospective buyers do not need to upgrade the electrical system when they move in. Dedicated circuits can make or break a deal.

What Are The Dangers Of Not Having A Dedicated Circuit?

We always want our customers to have a safe commercial environment everyday. Overloaded circuits without dedicated lines will typically overheat. This heat can be substantial, leading to melted wiring, insulation, and possible fire. We can take a look at your daily needs to map out the safest wiring configuration. An electrical fire is easily avoided with our professional evaluation and installation services.

Choosing 110/220V Electric Co. For Your Dedicated Circuit Installation

Our technicians have many years of experience installing and maintaining commercial dedicated circuits. Allow us to evaluate your office and electrical grid to pinpoint any potential problems. A reliable electrical system will ensure that your commercial property is always working at its highest potential. Additionally it can add a level of safety and value that could become a selling point should you ever need one. Call our technicians today to schedule an appointment, and get your commercial property in pristine condition today!

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Commercial Voice & Data Cabling Services in Millbrae

The standard cable that is used for the transfer of information data through a networking system is called Category 5, or CAT5. This wire is highly efficient in the transfer of voice or signal data that computer systems rely on to communicate. The most common application for this wire is used to connect a computer to the internet via a router, switch, or modem. Professional installation of wiring networks is preferred as the cable construction and layout not only requires special tools but also must be configured properly to be effective. Our technicians can perform these installations effectively and efficiently.

How Are Voice & Data Cables Used In Commercial Settings?

In commercial properties, networks and internet use are a prevalent and necessary function. Network servers will often be housed in one area of the building and the various connections are spread like branches of an old tree. Having these branches sprawling out across the floor and hanging haphazardly is not only a safety concern but is also unsightly.

We can make these connections by running the cable through the walls and secluded areas to their appropriate locations and ensuring connectivity. Like having an electrical outlet on every wall, having a CAT5 connection will allow each space to be ready for connection. This is ideal for buildings that house small offices or large buildings where multiple networks connect and will optimize workflow and increase productivity.

Professional Installation Process

Ensuring that the cables are out of sight and in locations that provide the greatest utilization, we run several hundred feet of CAT5 cable through empty spaces, between walls, ceilings and floors. This process requires our technicians to cleanly cut holes in walls, create conduits, and lay wire in ceiling spaces. We’ll professionally place connection hubs and switches in designated cabinets and closets to provide proper enclosure. Once the cabling has been run we will then terminate the ends of the connections. Our trained technicians have specialty tools that put the ends on the exposed wires and place cover plates on walls and spaces that need them.

Choosing 110/220V Electric Co. For Your Data Wiring Needs

By using our professional cable installation services you will avoid the hassle and energy of performing a job that is dirty and technical. Running the cable itself is a dirty part of our job. We are crawl through dirty attics, cut holes through drywall, and dredge through the lower foundations of the building. In some occasions, the cable will get blocked or kinked and require the use of specialty tools and messy lubricants to allow the cable passage through small spaces.

Once we’ve run the cabling, terminating the ends of the cable requires a special configuration as well as more specialty tools to complete the job. If the cables are not terminated correctly there will be a problem with the connection and transmission of data will not be possible. We will use trade related electrical testing devices to ensure that the cable is ran and terminated properly.

Network topography and cable installation are widely becoming a necessity in every home or office. The transfer of information in the form of data or voice relies on the same principles as electricity. CAT5 cabling is the cornerstone of this information transfer. Our professional services are here to make that connectivity happen.

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Commercial Tenant Improvement Services

When places of business or rental properties have electrical problems, property owners can find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. Most electrical repair services are expensive, but repeated attempts at do it yourself solutions can be equally costly. Fortunately, 110/220V Electric Co. offers a solution: corporate quality repair at an affordable cost, with options geared towards providing long-term electrical solutions for lessors and small business owners. No matter what your electrical needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

What Electrical Systems Require Upgrades In Commercial Properties?

In addition to installation and repair, we handle a variety of upgrades and improvements for commercial electrical systems.


Lighting is simultaneously one of the most important and most overlooked parts of operating a business: customers and employees alike feel more comfortable in well-lit work environments, but many times, baseline lighting setups waste significant amounts of energy. We can provide you with:

  • Modern Lighting
  • Improved Wiring
  • Dimmers
  • Security Lights
  • LED Lights
  • And More!

Electrical Upgrades

As any office-worker can tell you, power outages are some of the most frustrating and productivity-draining events that can happen in a high-tech work environment. Our technicians can provide you with electrical solutions to prevent this once and for all. We can provide you with:

  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Upgraded Panel Boxes
  • New Receptacles
  • Commercial Partitions
  • And More!

What Are Common Tenant Electrical Improvements?

Over time, the effects of multiple tenants on a property’s electrical system can cause extreme wear and tear to all parts of the system. Fortunately, we offer a number of inexpensive repair and upgrade solutions geared specifically towards long-term rental properties.

One of the most common problems older rental properties face is the degradation of their electrical system’s wires. Leaving old wires, in addition to reducing efficiency, can put one’s property at risk of an electrical fire, possibly even endangering tenants.

We also handle more routine electrical issues, such as breaker box, fan wiring, and wall socket repair. Finally, we can help you conserve energy by optimizing your rental property’s power grid, and make your tenants feel safer and more at home by upgrading your lighting to show off your property in a more flattering light.

Why Should You Always Choose Professional Electrical Services?

One of the most common questions we hear is “wait, can’t I just do this myself?” The answer should always be no as electrical systems are not only intricate and delicate, but also dangerous. Our trained master electricians have years of experience to make upgrading and maintaining an electrical system a breeze, and our speedy response time means that we can work with you without taking valuable time away from yourself. Call us today to get expert services for your commercial property in no time!

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Commercial Complete Business Relocation Services

When relocating a business, it is important to realize that the business moves differently than the home. Homeowners can turn off their cable and have it turned back on at their new house. Businesses however, must bring much of the framework and infrastructure that they had at their old location with them to their new location. In order to do this, a business must rely on a relocation service that can help them to move everything to their new location. Our technicians can provide you with the most efficient relocations services in the Millbrae, CA area bar none! 

What Types Of Electrical Systems Should Be Moved?

Electrical systems range from power for servers and computers, to charging stations for electric vehicles and even the phone and internet systems inside the building. Every aspect of the business relies on these things, and they must all be moved into their new location before business can start again.

The power units for servers and computers must be put into place before the servers and computers can be installed. In fact, the exact same power protocols must be hooked up to make sure the servers and computers are safe from power surges.

The internet and phone lines must also be built-in just as they were at the old location. Workers expect the phones and the internet to work just as it did before. Moreover, a building with a PA system must be linked to the same phones and offices that it was linked to previously. A lack of these systems or improper installation will only cause confusion.

Why Hire Professionals For Electrical Relocations?

The majority of businesses that relocate are expanding and growing their business. In fact, the business simply does not have time to stop working for even a day. Because of this, a professional moving and installation team can have the new building set up before the offices actually make their move. With the help of professionals who do this every day, the business can settle into their new offices without worrying about whether or not things are in working order.

The fear of many businesses is getting stuck fixing problems that they have never had before. When using a professional relocation service, the business is afforded the opportunity to sit down and get back to work knowing that they do not have to do a thing to reinstall their electrical systems.

Expert And Personal Attention

While a business can move its own products and people, a business cannot spend time doing an electrical relocation and take away from the core of their business. With the expert services of a relocation team, every business can be told how the process is going, how new systems work in a new building, and receive assistance after the move if there are problems.

With the personal attention that a relocation project manager can give the business, every company can have a move completed quickly that does not cut into the core of their business. Time will not be wasted on senseless problems, and the company can be assured that a professional crew is applying years of knowledge and expertise to the relocation.

Call our professional staff at (650) 784-1886 and let us make the process painless and efficient today!

Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

Every company can see benefits from great choices in indoor and outdoor lighting placed strategically throughout the property. From customer satisfaction to employee satisfaction, professional lighting solutions is an efficient way to improve your commercial property. At 110/220V Electric Co. our expert technicians can help you make this dream a reality. We offer full service lighting design and installation services to get your commercial property looking the way you’ve always wanted it. 

What Are The Different Types Of Indoor Commercial Lighting Systems Available?

Lighting For The Reception Area – Good first impressions are essential to making any company’s reception area warm and inviting. Customers, vendors, and employees benefit from attractive reception area lighting. This includes track lighting, overhead lighting, wall lights and accent lighting.

Lighting For Open Office Areas – Crucial to business operations, effective lighting is essential in all the open office areas. The nice thing about today’s options in open office lighting is that outdoor light can now be used to supplement light coming from fixtures.

Hallway Lighting – Inviting hallways feature lighting from sources like overhead lighting, wall accents and beautiful styles of track lighting.

Lighting For Meeting Areas – Attractive lighting in meeting rooms helps to encourage exciting exchanges of ideas. This can help businesses meet their goals. Lighting options include track lighting, overhead and stylish accent lights.

Lighting To Brighten Private Office Areas – Private offices that feature bright, attractive lighting encourage users of these areas to be more creative and effective in their work. Lighting can be used to enhance interesting architectural features in the office as well as creating a please environment for employees.

Effective Lighting For Back Rooms & Warehouses – Employees working in this environment need extra light for the duties that demand good vision. These special duties include keeping track of inventory and lifting and moving inventory. LED lighting is a great option for these areas as it provides bright light that is also energy-efficient.

What Are Good Choices In Outdoor Commercial Lighting?

– Sign Lighting – A company’s sign is often the first thing seen by customers, vendors, patrons and visitors to a company. To make the best impression, all sign lighting must be checked often for lights that are burned out or flickering. Due to the prominence of this type of lighting, our lighting installation experts can help you by installing the right lighting to reflect your business in the best light.

– Outdoor Parking Lot And Parking Garage Lighting – This lighting is crucial for safety and for aesthetic purposes. To completely illuminate a garage or parking area, choose to have our experts install effective lighting for your peace of mind.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Design And Professional Installation?

Every business wants to be highlighted in the best light. Choosing from the many beautiful custom lighting options available today ensures that all lighting will reflect the values of your business. Attractive and functional indoor and outdoor lighting will also add beauty and efficiency to your company, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Having custom lighting installed by professionals ensures that all your commercial lights will stay shining beautifully. Excellent lighting creates an ambiance that is inspirational to employees to help them do their best work. Our outstanding reputation for high quality work done with integrity lets you rest assured that your new commercial indoor and outdoor lighting will be installed correctly, giving you many years of exceptional service. Call us today to schedule a consultation and let us make your commercial lighting solutions a reality.

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