Residential Electric Services

In today’s homes, there are all kinds of electrical problems that can happen. As these issues worsen you could be left with no electricity in your home or there could even be an electrical spark. Through the use of professional services many of these issues can be prevented. At 110/220V Electric Co. our technicians are dedicated to keeping your home safe and powered. No matter what your issue may be, you can rest assured knowing our technicians will help you.

When You Choose Us You Can Expect….

  • Experienced and professional technicians with the training to get the job done right the first time.
  • Fully insured and bonded technicians to guarantee safety in your home.
  • Quality work which is performed on time and on budget; every time!

What Are Common Electrical Issues In Homes?

  • Outlets Don’t Work: If you aren’t able to turn on appliances when they are plugged into your wall, you are probably dealing with a blown fuse in either the outlet or your entire electrical panel.
  • Bad Electrical Connection: This problem is usually noticed when you begin seeing the lights in your home flickering. It’s important that you call our electrical team instead of investigating this issue on your own.
  • Consistently Overloaded Circuits: Each circuit breaker in your home is only designed to handle so much power at a time. If you have appliances that consistently trip the circuit breaker, you can have us measure the power necessary to run the appliance. We can then create a solution for how to get it working consistently without problems.

How Can You Prevent Electrical Emergencies?

One of the greatest risks in anyone’s home is the risk of electrical shock or fire. It’s important to take some precautions to avoid suffering any electrical emergencies. For one, never touch an overhead wire, and always assume that it is live. Even if a wire has fallen to the ground, it can still cause significant injury unless it is dealt with by a professional. Second, never use electrical equipment when it is wet or has been submerged. If there’s one rule to remember, it is that electricity and water never mix. Any appliances that have been soaked need to be inspected by our expert team of electricians to determine whether they can be used safely.

Also, never attempt to repair your own electrical system. There are countless risks to you and your home including electric shock, fire, and in some instances explosions. It’s always safer and more effective to hire trained and certified electricians for any repairs or inspections that need to be done. If you follow these guidelines, you can rest assured that you’re going to be safe from any risk of fire or electrical shock in your home.

Why Hire Our Professional Team For Your Homes Electrical Needs?

There are two main reasons why it’s important to let professional electricians handle the vast majority of all home repairs and inspections. Simply put, you don’t want to cause any unexpected damage to either your home or yourself, and having professionals do the work will ensure that every single job is done safely and correctly.

Home Safety: It’s important to realize that the electrical wiring and components in your home are incredibly dangerous to try to alter on your own. Our professionals have gone through extensive training on every electrical element that can be found in a home, and have the necessary knowledge and certifications to guarantee that repairs are done right.

Personal Safety: Electrical wiring can also be a personal safety hazard if you don’t take the proper precautions. Hiring professional electricians is one of the safest ways to fix any problems in your house. Don’t risk electrocution and personal injury; make sure to call for professional service.

Our team of electricians, is always on call to ensure that you get the best possible service, safety, and expertise available in the area. Call us today and allow our expert technicians to get the power back up and running in your home in no time!

Call us at (650) 784-1886 and get an expert technician to assist you in no time!


Electrical Troubleshooting Services

The electrical system in your home is a complex commodity that is used on a daily basis. From providing you with light, to powering the appliances in your home, perfectly functioning electricity is critical for your comfort. When an issue strikes, however, the root source of the problem could be difficult to find. Before getting too concerned, 110/220V Electric Co. is here to help. Our technicians can provide your home with expert electrical troubleshooting services. Through testing and knowledge you can rest easy knowing that our technicians will find the true source of the issue once and for all. 

How Is Troubleshooting Performed On Electrical Systems?

Working on electrical problems requires caution, skill, and training. Our technicians work quickly and safely to identify, isolate, and fix the trouble. Troubleshooting starts by observing the problem. Has an appliance or a piece of equipment stopped working? Is current intermittent, or is circuitry overheating?

Once the problem is defined, our electrician can test circuitry to narrow down the problem’s location. Our troubleshooters research and analyze possible causes as in most cases there are usually multiple possible causes for an electric issue. We handle common household problems, typical equipment failures, and also hard-to-diagnose situations.

Once the nature of the problem is identified, we can recommend what repairs need to be done and what needs to be replaced. Our technicians will perform these services for you efficiently and professionally. No matter how severe it may be, you can rest assured that our technicians have got you covered.

When Do You Need Electrical Troubleshooting?

You should always investigate any electrical problem that may be in your home. While small issues start out as an annoyance, they can quickly escalate into an electrical emergency in no time. It’s important to troubleshoot electrical problems in old houses. Wiring is more likely to be damaged or inadequate. Older homes lack GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters). The wiring is likely to be made of materials that are no longer standard.  Our technicians will perform the necessary services to make sure that your home is  to standards. Additionally we can upgrade your home to make sure it is to modern standards.

What Are Common Electrical Issues In A Home?

One of the most common indications of electrical issues is trouble with the circuit breakers. Circuit breakers trip to prevent overloading, which can cause fires. If a circuit breaker goes off repeatedly, check with us. Never work on the electrical panel yourself as there is always current to the panel. Flickering lights indicates a faulty connection. The problem may be at the bulb, in the fixture, or at a loose connection.

Electric shocks or lights that brighten and dim may indicate faulty grounding, which is a serious problem. Fixtures and circuits that get hot are overloaded. A loose plug that falls out of the outlet is dangerous, because it can lead to arcing. Outlets that don’t work, light bulbs that won’t come out of ceiling fixtures, and stripped wires are all causes for concern. So are appliances that are running at an unusually low power level and light bulbs that explode. If any of these issues sound familiar to you, it may be time to call our expert technicians today!

Why Should You Choose Professional Services For Your Electrical Troubleshooting?

We care about your safety which is why we offer the best electrical services in the area. Our technicians will make sure everything is up to code and properly functioning. We understand the principles that underly electrical work. A small oversight can lead to injury or property damage. Our technicians will never neglect a step. When we encounter the problem, we never fail to follow through. We will perform thorough inspections on all aspects of your homes electrical system. We will troubleshoot all possible causes for your electrical issue and provide you with the best services possible. No matter what your issue may be, big or small, you can always depend on 110/220V Electric Co.

Wall Socket Repair Services

Are you thinking that there may be damage to your wall sockets? Do you see, smell, or feel something from your wall socket that may indicate you have a problem? Wall sockets may be completely replaced or the parts may be replaced or adjusted for repair depending on the extent and type of damage that the wall socket has. Wall sockets are necessary for the various appliances in your home. When they become damaged however you could be left with a safety concern. Our technicians can provide you with expert repair services to restore the electric flow to the wall sockets in your home! 

What Are Signs Of A Damaged Wall Socket?

The signs of a damaged wall socket may not be completely apparent at first glance but there are some that are more obvious. Damaged wall sockets will appear cracked, burnt, or loosened and require immediate attention in order to evaluate potential issues or safety hazards. If you do not see damage but smell an odor or feel the heat from it, then there is something that needs to be addressed with it. Another common sign is connecting things to the outlet and receiving no power. No matter what the sign of the issue may be trusting in expert services is always necessary.

What Causes Damaged Electrical Sockets?

The most obvious reason for a non-working wall socket may be as simple as a blown fuse, popped circuit breaker, or a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) issue. It may be an easy enough to fix with a new fuse or resetting the circuit breaker or Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) but if these issues continue on a regular basis the problem could be a bigger issue of a short circuit or circuit overload which could lead to a safety issue of a fire or deeper damage to the electrical wiring or the home itself. Additionally, over time the sockets in your home can deteriorate and break down.

The wall sockets in an older home will deteriorate the plastic, internal contacts or wires with age and are most likely a call for complete replacement. An overused wall socket usually appears to be loose and may wiggle when a plug is plugged in. They also may not work at all or only occasionally work from the internal contacts only making contact in a certain position when they have a loose connection, loose wiring or actually have broken wires.

Repairing An Electrical Socket Issues

When it comes to the issues mentioned previously, our technicians can solve them by evaluating the extent of the issue and tightening up the internal wiring and replacing the necessary parts of the wall socket. Similarly, our technicians can perform extensive inspection services to rule out any other issues. In some instances the need to repair or replace wiring may exist. In other instances it can be the plug itself. No matter what the source of the issue may be, our technicians will have a solution for you..

110/220V Electric Co. Wall Socket Repairs

A wall socket may overheat, there can be an electrical short, or simply it can be too old to function. There are many reasons why an electrical socket can fail to function. When these issues strike however, getting professional services is imperative. Our technicians understand the importance of wall sockets and can provide you with the best services possible. From performing thorough inspections and testing, to executing repair services, 110/220V Electric Co. has got you covered.

Electrical Wiring Repair Services

Older homes often have very old electrical systems, including wiring, that should be replaced by our knowledgeable professionals as soon as possible. The reason these systems should be inspected and or replaced on a regular basis is the threat they pose to your home. From fires, to shock damage, and everything in between. At 110/220V Electric Co. our professionals are here to help. Our highly skilled and trained technicians can guarantee that your home is safe and free of electrical issues through our professional services. 

When Should Electrical Wiring Be Inspected?

Electrical wiring should be inspected every few years or upon buying a new home.  Older homes, in particular, tend to have old wiring that should either be replaced entirely or repaired to prevent any major problems down the road. If you are having issues with your electricity flickering or not working in certain areas of the home, this is also a sign that it might need to be inspected by our experts who can perform this duty for you.

How Are Wiring Repair Services Performed?

Our knowledgeable experts will come into your home to find the main source of electricity, such as the fuse box. The electric wiring can be repaired or replaced in the entire home or just in certain areas, depending on where the problem is located. Our professionals will be able to get the job done quickly and noninvasively so that your home is left looking clean and with properly working electricity. Our professionals will also bring all of their own equipment and tools in order to get the job done in a more efficient manner. This includes volt meters which will allow our technicians to ensure that the correct amount of electricity if flowing through your system at all times.

Why is Properly Functioning Wiring Vital to Your Home?

Having good quality wiring and electricity within the home is vital for reducing the risk of fire due to frayed wires or old electrical components. Old electrical lines can become problematic over time because of the fact that they are frayed or simply have a short somewhere in the line. You might also notice that old wiring causes you to spend more money on electricity bills each month because of the amount of energy the line is pulling in. Other than that, new and good-working electrical lines will allow you to fully enjoy your home without the problems that come with having certain areas within the home out of electricity.

Professional Testing and Services

Our company can provide the professional testing and services that your home needs to function better as far as its electricity is concerned. You might have recently purchased a very old home that has old wiring and we can repair these lines for you so that they are safer for you to use. Likewise, a home that needs more electrical plugs and outlets can be serviced quickly so that it is more comfortable for you to live there each day.

Our repair and installation experts can work on any type of electrical wiring, ensuring that your home is safe and functioning the way that it should. We provide affordable services which will keep you in your budget and can explain the process of our services to you before getting started. We will first test your electrical lines to ensure that they are working properly and to detect a problem if there should be one present. From there, we can provide the repair or replacement services that you require to get that electric line back up and running in no time. Call our technicians today to get your home’s wiring system back in working order.

Panel Box Upgrades & Installation Services

When it comes to electricity in your home there are few places more important that your electric panel box. This little box acts as the circuit board of your home and when there are problems with it many other things can go wrong as well. To help keep your home safe and your electric system properly working it is important that only a professional licensed electrician work on your panel box. Here at 110/220V Electric Co. we are dedicated to ensuring that your electric box is in good working condition and that you and your family are safe. 

New Panel Box Installation

If you are building your home one of the first items that you should have installed is a new electric panel box. The fuses in this box route electricity all through your home and is responsible for shutting off should there be a power surge or too much electricity is pulled through a single line. Without this box your home would be at a severe risk for fire, so it is important that installation is done by a licensed and knowledgeable electric company.

Do You Need To Repair Or Upgrade Your Existing Panel Box?

Whether your are buying your home or you have lived in it for awhile, the electric panel box should have routine maintenance. With that being said, this box is often neglected until something goes wrong. For our customers we are dedicated to ensuring that your box is using fuses and wiring that are up to current code standards.

By upgrading the fuses and wiring in your box you are significantly cutting the risk for fires caused by faulty emergency shut-off fuses or wiring that has degraded over time. Upgrading this box allows you and your family the safety of knowing that your box is constantly offering you protection against fire hazards.

Additionally, through the upgrading of a panel box you can save yourself money on electric costs as newer wiring and fuses can be more energy efficient. Also once our technicians inspect your panel box they can determine whether or not your home is using the correct amount of electricity to power your home.

Electrical Panel Box Inspection And Maintenance Services

Having a working electric panel box in good working condition is integral to keeping your home safe. To help our customers ensure that their box is always in top working order, we gladly offer affordable box inspection and maintenance services. During our services we will inspect your panel box, its wiring, fuses, and other parts to ensure that they have not been exposed to over heating or dangerous electrical surges. By having the box routinely inspected homeowners are taking an important step in lowering the risk of a home fire.

Whether you have an existing box or need a new one installed, here at 110/220v Electric Co. we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers’ electric panel boxes are up to current code and are always in good working condition. If you are building a home or haven’t had your box inspected in a while, please give us a call today to take a step toward fire safety by having your panel box inspected. If we find issues, we will go through them with you and give you detailed explanations as to what the problem is, what it means, and how we can best fix the problem in an affordable and timely manner. Please don’t wait until there is a problem with your box. Call us today and get industry leading services in no time!

Lighting Fixture Installation Services

Like many homeowners, the idea of upgrading the various fixtures in your home is always a great way to add value and comfort. The only issue is that not all fixtures are simple and easy to install. In worse cases there may need to be modifications done to the wiring in your home to support the new lighting fixtures your want installed. Before attempting to do these installation services on your own, avoid the hassle, call 110/220V Electric Co. and let us help you. We offer fast, efficient, and professional, lighting installation services in Millbrae, CA, and the surrounding areas. 

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Home’s Lighting Fixtures?

Upgrading your lighting fixtures can be as simple as swapping out traditional bulbs for newer energy efficient ones or as elaborate as totally replacing fixtures with ones that better meet your family’s needs. No matter how you upgrade, the results are always beneficial.

The energy savings alone are a tremendous benefit to upgrading the lighting fixtures. Switching out conventional ones for newer lighting fixtures saves electricity. New technology that is being used to manufacture lighting is constantly improving the fixture’s ability to reduce electrical use. Using LED or CFL bulbs will save additional money as they use less energy and last ten times longer than traditional bulbs.

Even the environment will benefit from you upgrading your lighting fixtures. Reducing energy use means your home is avoiding excessive greenhouse gasses being released.

For most of us the day to day benefits are the most noticeable. Changing out a fixture that isn’t providing the necessary lighting required in work spaces will make life much easier. Kitchens, baths, and home offices are all much more functional with the proper lighting. New fixtures can help create mood in a room as well. New fixtures with dimmers or multiple settings will allow you to create the ideal atmosphere for any room in the home.

How Are New Light Fixtures Installed?

The first step to installing a new lighting fixture may seem the most obvious; removing your old fixture. Our technicians however use this time to our benefit as it allows us to inspect the various wires and connections that are present in this area. We will carefully prepare the entire area for the installation of the new lighting fixture.

Once the prep work is done we will connect all corresponding wires from the light to those in the electric box. Once in place with all the hardware secured, we put in the required bulb and test the fixture to make sure it is functioning properly without any problems.

Our qualified technicians are respectful of your home and time. We complete the work to your satisfaction in a timely manner. In addition, our team leaves your home in good condition so you can sit back and enjoy your new lighting fixtures without any hassles or stress.

Why Use Our Professional Services For The Installation Of Lighting Fixtures?

The best reason to leave the lighting fixture installation up to the professionals is safety. Our trained staff follows all safety measures to ensure that both you and your home are protected from danger. You don’t have to take any risks with the electric yourself. If any problems were to arise, our team has the knowledge to correct these issues in a fast and orderly manner.

Another problem that can arise from do it yourself projects is the unexpected. We have all the necessary tools on hand for the required job. As trained professionals we keep updated on all the latest codes. If we see something that isn’t up to par, we will correct it onsite. As the homeowner you can rest assured the electric and wiring associated with your upgraded lighting fixture is meeting all the current codes.

Our experienced staff specializes in many areas, including lighting fixture installation and upgrades. Our traditional values allow us to always put our customers first while still providing modern electrical services for your home. You can count on us for our integrity and quality work. 

Home Lighting Services

Many homeowners will spend a considerable amount of time, effort, and money, decorating their home perfectly. They may select new furnishings, upgrade the flooring, paint the walls and more. While all of these steps are important to create a desirable ambiance in the space, the fact is that home lighting can have a considerable impact on the overall ambiance of every room in the home. More than that, lighting can also affect the functional use of the space. With this in mind, it is important to take a closer look at how improving your home’s lighting may benefit you.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Home Lighting?

Homeowners rely heavily on the lighting in their homes. From aesthetics to convenience, lighting is integral to the comfort of your home. Lighting from chandeliers and sconces can add a decorative touch to the space because of the look of the fixtures themselves. In addition, background lighting can make a home feel warm and cozy while spotlights can focus lighting on specific areas of the home. For example, a spotlight may be used to illuminate a built-in desk or even a work of art hanging on the wall. There are many different ways that home lighting can be used for functional and aesthetic purposes alike, and professional home lighting services can be used to help homeowners maximize the benefits of lighting.

What Are The Different Set-Ups Available For Home Lighting?

In order to enjoy the full benefits of lighting in a space, it is imperative that homeowners understand the different types of set-ups for home lighting. Some options, such as lamps, are easy to use. These may be used for aesthetic and functional purposes alike, and they are commonly placed on desks, end tables and nightstands. Many light fixtures are installed into the walls as well.

For example, recessed lighting is often used to illuminate large areas. Dining areas and breakfast rooms may have a hanging light or small chandelier placed over the center of the room. Bathrooms often use vanity lighting, and there may be recessed lighting or sconces in these rooms for additional ambiance. In bedrooms, it is common for lighting fixtures to be installed with ceiling fans. Track lighting is common in living rooms, game rooms, or other similar rooms where focused light may be needed.

When Should You Use Professional Services For Your Home Lighting Projects?

Some homeowners may attempt to improve their home’s lighting on their own, but professional services are often beneficial. This is because installing lighting fixtures requires working with electrical wiring, which can be dangerous. In addition, the exact placement of lights must be precise, or the look of the room could be affected.

For example, a light fixture that is hung off-center in a dining room may have a negative impact on the space. Some professional lighting services provide the homeowner with customized advice regarding the placement of lights, the number of light fixtures to install and other factors. They can also help a homeowner to determine if the available power to that area of the home is sufficient or if an electrical upgrade will need to be made.

Home lighting is an important part of any home’s décor, and it is also important for the home from a functional standpoint. Our expert technicians are not only knowledgeable in the electrical aspects of home lighting, but they are also trained in the aesthetic part. We can efficiently instal lights to ensure that they are the most efficient and functional!

Ceiling Fan Repair & Installation Services in Millbrae

A ceiling fan is a multipurpose appliance that can provide your home with light and comfort. With various modern styles of fans as well as different lighting sources, they can become a more energy efficient cooling and lighting feature for your home. Aside from their convenience, they can be complex in installing. Before attempting to perform these installation or repair services yourself call our expert technicians today! At 110/220V Electric Co. we can provide you with professional installation and repair services for the ceiling fans in your home.

Why Are Ceiling Fans Beneficial To A Home?

Ceiling fans can be beneficial in both the cold and hot weather. During warm weather, ceiling fans circulate and cool the air, lowering temperatures by as much as 8 degrees. Installing a ceiling fan has the potential to save you as much as 30 – 40% on your electricity bill, which is better for your wallet and the environment.

In the cold weather, the ceiling fans rotation may be reversed to a clockwise direction in order to circulate warm air from your heating system. Warm air tends to rise and gather near the ceiling, but a ceiling fan will push it back down toward the floor, making the room feel warmer. Using ceiling fans in winter can save you up to 10% on your electricity bill.

In an aesthetic sense, ceiling fans are also beneficial. Because they come in so many different styles, they can add to your home’s decor. As opposed to fans positioned on the floor, ceiling fans save space, and they’re safer for children. In addition, a fan mounted in the kitchen or dining room can help prevent unwanted pests from flying in.

When Should A Ceiling Fan Be Repaired?

One of the most common issues with ceiling fans is wobbling, which may be caused by an inadequate electrical box. Ceiling fans are meant be installed in an electrical box specially designed for them rather than a box for a ceiling light fixture. If they’re installed in the wrong type of box, they will have inadequate support and structural damage can occur. This issue can cause fans to come loose and fall. Wobbling can also be due to loose screws and bolts on the blades or down-rod.

Ceiling fans that fail to operate completely may be wired incorrectly or possibly connected to a bad switch. A faulty capacitor can cause a ceiling fan to stop working or run slowly. If a burning smell is coming from your ceiling fan, it likely needs a new capacitor.

The most important part of having a ceiling fan in your home is knowing when it needs service. If you suspect any of these issues in your home, call our experts. Our technicians will provide your home with professional repair services to restore the functionality of your ceiling fan in no time!

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Services

While the installation process can seem easy in some instances, attempting to perform it without the proper knowledge could lead to serious issues. For instance, you may run into either mechanical or electrical problems. As a professional, we know how to solve these problems in a safe and accurate manner. We understand the details and measurements involved in installing a ceiling fan, and we can make sure it’s mounted correctly and runs smoothly. Whether there is an existing fan to replace or your installing a new ceiling fan from scratch, trust in our experts to get the job done right no matter what.

Electronic Pool Control System Repair & Installation Service

Computerized pool panels provide an exceptional pool and spa experience. From allowing you to monitor the temperatures to the power of the jets in the pool, a computerized control panel is a great investment on all accounts. At 110/220V Electric Co., we provide the highest quality computerized pool panel repair and installation services. We only use highly qualified electricians that have experience in every type of computerized pool panel system, having worked with everything from residential to commercial systems.

What Is A Electronic Pool Control System And How Does It Work?

A computerized pool panel is an electronic interface that allows you to control a number of variables associated with your pool system. This includes managing your temperature, cleaning cycles, and more. Advancing technology is increasing the functionality of computerized pool panels so that they will have the capacity to do even more. You can set timers for the heating system to have the water ready when you are ready to take your swim the pool will be at the ideal temperature.

Periodically these systems must be calibrated, maintained and repaired. At 110/220V Electric Co., we provide a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of the ongoing maintenance and subsequent repairs. Although the user interface for the majority of these systems are very user-friendly, the internal mechanisms and circuitry is highly sophisticated, meaning that you don’t want to trust maintenance and repairs to a company that does not have the experience to perform the services in a competent manner.

What Are The Benefits of Having An Electronic Pool Control System?

A computerize pool panel allows you to systematically manage your pool while enjoying the unique feature associated with your particular pool system. You can control the pumps, the lighting, blowers and other features from one centralized location. More sophisticated units allow a number of macro-functions such as combining numerous circuits on a single button. This would allow you to turn on every circuit connected to that button with one single touch. Once a panel is installed you will have the consistent benefit of having a custom pool experience whenever you want it.

Professional Installation and Repairs

Because of the electrical dynamics and requirements associated with computerized pool panels, they must be installed by a certified electrician. Some of the items needed for professional installations include:

  • Personality Kit – The personality kit is similar to a system regulator, determining how much of what type of equipment your system will be able to control.
  • Power Center – The power center is simply the circuitry box for the system. This box is set up to insure that the right amount of power is distributed.
  • System Controller – The controller will allow you to monitor and adjust all of the settings in your homes pool.

Professional Services From 110/220V Electric Co.

When it comes to your home you always want to have the best services. From expert installations to the best parts, 110/220V Electric Co. has got you covered. Our expert technicians can perform both the installation and repair of these electrical panels to make sure your pool is always to your standards. Additionally we stock the latest and best technologies so you can rest assured knowing your pool is equipped with the very best in electronic pool control systems. Whether your installing a new control panel or repairing your existing one, you can trust our expert technicians will all your needs.

Accent Lighting Design, Repair, & Installation Services

Over the years, home designers have developed a nearly unlimited amount of different accent lighting systems for homes. This has allowed many people to customize the appearance of their rooms however they see fit. At 110/220V Electric Co. our expert technicians can help you with the design, repair, and installation, of the accent lights in your home allowing you to have a custom appearance that will add comfort and value to your home. From installations for a single room or whole house services you can rest assured that you will receive the best value from our experts. 

What Should You Consider Before Installing New Accent Lights In Your Home?

Many homeowners will want to think about how accent lighting can change up the decor that they have present in their rooms. From the added value to the energy efficiency. Before installing new accent lights however there are a few things to consider.

  • Price Range
  • Placement
  • Style/Decor
  • Professional Technicians

By having an idea of the style and price range you may have, working with our technicians will be an easier process. We will be able to work within your needs and wants to get you the custom look you desire without breaking the bank!

What Are The Different Types of Accent Lights?

  • Chandeliers – Most people will want to start by looking at some of the hanging accent lighting features that the can have installed. Chandeliers are perhaps the most classical application of this concept.
  • Pendant Lighting – These lights have become an increasingly popular feature for modern homes. They can be used to light an open floor plan or as lighting for bars areas.
  • Track Lighting – Track lighting is also popular, because the direction of the light can be shifted with just a quick modification. They can be installed into almost any room, where they will help illuminate different types of decor features.
  • Recessed Lighting – These are best used as secondary lighting sources, but they can add emphasis and mood to different types of rooms. Additionally they can be equipped with LED lights to provide energy efficient lighting.

Professional Repair Services For Accent Lights

There are times when accent lighting fixtures need to have different types of repairs done to them. This may be challenging, especially when it involves ceiling lights. Whether its faulty wiring or damaged sockets, getting professional services is imperative. Any time there is an electrical issue you could lend yourself to fire risks. Our technicians will perform the necessary repair services to restore these accent lights to working order efficiently and effectively. Call us today to find out more on our professional light fixture repair services!

Expert Design & Installation Of Accent Lighting

Aside from our professional repair services, our technicians can also assist you with the design and installation of accent lights in your home. More often than not homeowners want a custom appearance to their homes. Accent lights can be a wonderful way to do this. Our technicians will assist you in the planning process to ensure that you get the look you are going for. Additionally we will ensure that your upgrades are kept within your budget. Call our experts today and let us make your vision a reality. Our technicians are experienced, licensed, and insured, to get the job done right!

220V Circuits & Plug Services in Millbrae

We at 110220v Electric Co. are experts in the field of 220V systems. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to perform the necessary services on these systems including repairs, maintenance, and installation. Whether your looking to upgrade your system to a higher voltage, repairing your existing system, or simply in need of inspections in your home, you can trust in our professional staff to get the job done.

What Are The Benefits Of A 220V Electric System?

While 110V is the normal electrical current in most homes in Millbrae, upgrading to a 220V system may have its advantages. Some of the advantages of a 220V system include:

  • The higher voltage system uses more power and is able to transport electrical energy across greater distances than the lower voltage system can.
  • It loses less power in the process of distribution.
  • 220 volts systems can run on thinner wire, thus saving money on copper.
  • The increased power levels of high voltage is helpful or even necessary in running some machinery, etc. for industrial or commercial uses. Large at-home appliances can also be run on 220 volts, and some models require it.

At 110/220V Electric Co. our technicians can provide your home with expert services when it comes to the 220V system. We understand the intricacies of the system and provide you with safe and efficient services to keep your home working in pristine conditions at all times.

Expert 220V Plug Installation Services

220V circuits and plugs will differ from 110 volt and require professional installation and wiring. Our technicians can remove the old and install the new at your convenience. If you have only a couple low-energy things to run on the other voltage, you can just use an adapter. If you need to change systems, however, call the professionals. Most homes in the US will come equipped with 110V plugs and wiring. Thus, the switch to 220 volts would require the expertise of trained professionals.

220V Circuit Services

Like the plugs discussed previously, professional installation services are necessary for circuit boards as well. Without proper circuit board services your system will be ill equipped to function with 220v plugs. This will result in damaged circuits and even fires. Our technicians can ensure that the circuit board will be upgrading correctly to provide you home with an efficient and properly functioning system.

Why Should You Choose 110/220V Electric Co. For Your 220V Needs?

As the name suggests, our technicians are experts in both 110v and 220v electrical systems. We will be able to provide you with all of the services you need to have a perfectly functioning electrical system in your home. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, and can provide you with exceptional services whenever we’re called. From installations of new 220v plugs to inspects of your wiring, you can be sure that the services we provide you home are always industry leading.

Appliance Wiring & Plug Services

Many home and business owners are wary of servicing their own electrical systems; and they should be. Installing or repairing an electrical system requires knowledge and precision to avoid everything from appliance damage to an all out fire. At 110/220V Electric Co. we understand the dangers that surround electrical systems. Our electricians have years of knowledge and experience and can provide you and the appliance in your home with exceptional service. No matter how severe the damage is to the wires and plugs on your appliances, you can rest easy knowing our technicians will have a solution for you.

What Types of Home Appliances Need Professional Wiring Services?

Most people don’t think about the appliances in their home until something goes wrong. A common issue that can strike many of these appliances if through their wiring. These can include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Fans
  • Water Heaters
  • Televisions
  • Outside Equipment (pools, spas, lighting, etc.)
  • And More

All appliances need their power switches to be connected to a hot wire to allow current to flow to them. The hot wire is a wire that brings positive current and works with a neutral wire to complete the circuit. Our professional electricians can ensure that the wiring is safe and can provide you with expert wiring services.

What Are Signs That Your Appliance Is Suffering Wiring Issues?

In most instances when an appliance is suffering from wiring issues it will give you signs. Once you notice these signs it is important to seek professional assistance.

Appliance Goes On and Off – This is one of the more common signs of an electrical issue. When an appliances wiring is damaged it can cut on and off throughout the day. Not only can this eventually damage the appliance, it is also inefficient for your home and can cost you significantly in bills,

Burning Smell From Wires – Once you smell burning, you have an electrical emergency. A common issue that strikes electrical systems will usually culminate in a burning of the wires. When this occurs you will need immediate repairs.

Appliance Won’t Run – This will usually stem from a damage in the plug or wiring. If you connect the appliance but it simply won’t function, and the wall outlet itself is good, then the issue stems directly from the wiring itself.

If you find that any of these situations are present in your home, call our experts immediately and get professional appliance wiring and plug services today!

Why Choose 110/220V Electric Co. For Your Appliance Electrical Services?

When you choose 110/220V Electric Co. you can expect certified, licensed, bonded, and insured electricians to come to your home promptly. Our technicians are up-to-date on the building codes in Millbrae, CA and the surrounding areas, specifically when it comes to electrical systems. We will be able to assist you with our electrical needs and restore your appliances to working order. Whether the wiring is damaged or the plug is faulty, our technicians will work hard to restore the electrical flow to your appliance. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get industry leading services the moment we answer the phone!

Kitchen Lighting Remodeling Services

Things like cabinetry and appliances almost always grab the glory when it comes to kitchen remodeling yet lighting can also play a major role in the custom appearance of your kitchen. From providing you with the light to cook, wash dishes, and basically see what your doing, to lighting your cabinets, kitchen lights are integral. At 110/220V Electric Co. we are in the business of revitalizing your kitchen through the remodeling process. 

What Are The Benefits To Kitchen Lighting Remodeling?

The remodeling of the lighting in your kitchen can have limitless benefits. When you choose our expert technicians to perform these services they can add up to be even more important. The benefits of kitchen lighting remodels include:

  • Custom Design – One thing that almost all homeowners desire is to have a custom appearance to their home. When you choose to work with our technicians, it will allow you the opportunity to build out your custom picture of what you want your kitchen to be.
  • Value Raising Investment – Like installing brand new appliances, adding new lighting fixtures to your home adds considerable value. New lights are less prone to become damaged and as a result of the professional installation will last considerably longer.
  • Energy Efficient Savings – With the push to go green and save money, everyone is looking for energy saving solutions in their home. Through the installation of custom lights you can increase the savings by getting energy efficient lighting.

What Are Your Options In Custom Kitchen Lighting?

Nearly any kitchen can accommodate a wide variety of lights. The simple reason for this is that the room has multiple lighting needs. Certainly, most of the kitchen’s lighting needs can be accommodated by standard ceiling and wall fixtures. Along with their practical side, these fixtures allow nearly limitless decorative opportunities.

Recessed ceiling lights are popular for illuminating work areas. Track lighting is being increasingly used as an alternative, though. It provides greater flexibility as needs change. Fluorescent tube lights are great for under cabinets. LED lights are even better for these uses. They can hug the underside of a cabinet more closely than even a fluorescent tube while providing the same diffused light.

Leaving Your Kitchen Lighting Remodels To The Pros

Sometimes, a homeowner might try to satisfy the need for a kitchen lighting remodel by adding their own fixtures here and there. There are three things wrong with this approach. First, they may not be able to place the lighting where it will do the most good. Second, they’ll have a bunch of cords taking over all the available electrical outlets. Third, they’re very limited in the types of lights they can use.

Using a professional service such as 110/220V Electric Co. we will take care of all these problems. We start the process by working with you to determine what goes where. We can then do the required work that lets the lighting blend seamlessly into its surroundings. Once done we will ensure that everything functions properly and is expertly installed. From beginning to end our experts have got your kitchen lighting remodel under control! Are you looking to customize the appearance of your kitchen through professional lighting solutions? Call us at (650) 784-1886 and get expert services today!

Are you looking to customize the appearance of your kitchen through professional lighting solutions? Call us at (650) 784-1886 and get expert services today!

Bathroom Lighting Remodeling Services

For homeowners in the Millbrae, CA area, renovating the lighting in your bathroom can be a great investment. From adding value to your home, to creating convenient lighting, our technicians can help take your bathroom to a new level with remodeled lights. We employ highly skilled technicians who can provide you with the best lighting solutions for your homes bathroom. See what our past customers have to say here, and call us to schedule an appointment today!

What Are The Benefits To Custom Bathroom Lighting?

When you are choosing new lighting for your bathroom remodel, installing new custom lighting can be a great option. There are many benefits that come with custom lighting installations including:

  • Custom Designs To Fit Your Needs: One of the benefits is that the lighting can be designed to meet whatever décor or level of ambiance that you want. A bathroom is a place that can be used to get ready in the morning and prepare for a hectic day, but can also be a great place to relax at the end of a long day.
  • Energy Saving Lighting: Most homeowners are always looking to save money on energy costs. One way to do this is through your lighting system. Our technicians can install energy efficient lighting solutions that not only satisfy your needs but also provide you with savings on your monthly bills.
  • Added Value To Your Home: The other benefit to custom lighting in your bathroom is the added value it can create in your home. Energy efficient lighting and modern lighting all add value to your home and can help with tax deductions in the future!

What Types Of Lights Can Be Installed In Your Bathroom?

As you are planning the design of your bathroom, there are plenty of lighting options that we can provide you with. Most modernized bathrooms today have a wide range of lights, which can each provide a different type of feature. Most bathrooms receive the majority of their light from a ceiling mounted light, which can be placed in the center of the room to provide the most amount of light possible. We could also install a ceiling mounted light above a specific section, such as above the shower or the vanity.

Other options for lights include wall-mounted lights, which come with a wide range of fixtures. These are commonly hung around the bathroom sink, to give the most possible light when getting ready. Another popular option is to install a rejuvenation light which increases in brightness gradually, which is ideal when you are waking up and getting ready for the day.

Why Should You Use Professional Services For Your Bathroom Lighting?

When you are looking to install new lighting in your bathroom, it is very important that you have a professional help you with the installation. Our technicians can provide a wide range of services, which will help to ensure that the installation is completed appropriately and matches the design theme that you want.

Our technicians can provide you with the help to pick out the right designs. We will have a wide range of lighting options to choose from and will help you to complete the design plans of your bathroom. Once the design is ready and work is ready to start, we can help you by completing the installation of the lights.

We will handle all of the work that comes with removing existing lights, installing new lights, and ensuring that all installations are completed safely and to code.

The 110/220V Electric Co. Bathroom Lighting Difference

Our technicians are the best in the industry and can provide you with exceptional services. We will help you choose the best lights for your home, prepare the area for installation, and install them for you. You will have the peace of mind that comes from exceptional services. If you are looking to have a custom bathroom, or have dreamt of a lighting solution for your bathroom, call us today!

Call our experts at (650) 784-1886 and get industry leading services in no time!

Home Theater Wiring Services

With televisions and movies getting bigger than ever, more homeowners are purchasing their own home theater systems to keep up with the experience. While they seem wonderful to have, the installation process can be difficult at times. When installed without the proper knowledge you could be left with exposed wires, inefficient sound, or simply non functionality. Our technicians can install your home theater system professionally and with ease to get you enjoying your home theater in no time!

What Are The Benefits Of A Home Theater System?

There are numerous benefits that can come along with installing a home theater system in your home. For starters, you can enjoy the sense of being at the cinema to watch your favorite movies, shows, and sports without having to leave your home or pay the high price for theater admission and snacks.

Similarly, because the speakers are spread around the room you could have lower volume levels and still perfectly hear the audio of whatever it may be you are watching. Additionally, for people who are hard of hearing, such as grandparents, the added sound can assist with daily enjoyment.

What Are Common Wiring Situations That Can Affect A Home?

While the benefits of a surround system greatly benefit a home, without proper installations these systems can also become a hazard. Some situations which stem from surround sound wiring include:

  • Tripping Hazards: When the wiring for your surround sound is not run behind walls it can end up on the floor as a tripping hazard for your family and house guests.
  • Unsightly Appearance: If the speakers are installed without proper techniques you could be left with ugly wiring running throughout your home.
  • Inefficient Functionality: A home theater system should always be placed throughout the area to provide the best sound. If not done professionally you can suffer in some instances from less than efficient sounds.

Our professional technicians can assist you with the installation process to ensuring that not only is it functioning properly but that it is aesthetically pleasing. We will help you enjoy the convenience of your home theater without the complication of installing it.

Home Theater Wiring Solutions

At 110/220V Electric Co., we specialize in home theater installation and have the experience and tools that are necessary to get your home theater setup and looking great in no time. For example, when it comes time to install the surround sound system or your new home theater system, you will need our expertise to wire these speakers throughout the walls of the room itself. Furthermore, if you plan on having a projector installed, we can assist with wiring and mounting it as well.

No matter what your needs are when it comes to home theater wiring, we can assist you. You should avoid attempting a DIY electrical project at your home at all costs, as working with electricity can be extremely dangerous if you are not completely sure what you are doing. Instead, take the time to hire a professional from 110 220 Electric Company and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that the job will be done correctly and quickly for a fair price.

Why Should You Choose Our Technicians For Your Home Theater Solutions?

No matter how big or small of a home theater you plan on installing in your home, the fact remains that hiring a professional for the wiring can make all the difference. Why deal with the hassle of looking for the right professional in your area? At 110/220V Electric Co. you are dealing with the best electricians in the area. Our professionals will help you from beginning to end to get your homes surround sound system connected and setup for your enjoyment in no time!

Call our experts at (650) 784-1886 and schedule an appointment today!

Garage Lighting & Power Installation Services

Lighting options for the garage have expanded quite a bit in recent years. Depending on the age of your home, most garages still manage to get by on one dim, centrally located ceiling fixture. It’s probably not a great illuminating source when you need to clean out your car, work on a home project, or sort through your belongings. It also may not provide you with the safety and security your home requires. Quality garage lighting needs to not only work for general purposes but should also be task specific and enhance your security.

If your garage lighting isn’t providing all these features, then you may wish to consider upgrading the lighting in your garage with professional power installation services. At 110/220V Electric Co. our team of highly qualified experts can assess and address your garage lighting and power installation needs while working within your budget. We provide cost estimates and fast, reliable service.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Garage Lighting?

In addition to improving general lighting, custom garage lighting also improves safety conditions by creating more focused light in work and storage areas, especially when you’re working with power tools. Having the appropriate task lighting enhances visibility to see what you are doing more easily and results in less eye strain and the chance that you could make a mistake. Security lighting outside of your garage is another custom lighting feature not to overlook. Security lights will give you peace of mind and can be installed and set to function using automatic timers or motion sensors.

What Are Examples Of General Garage Lighting?

  • Use of high luminosity bulbs to provide shadowless overhead lighting;
  • Use of appropriate fixture sizes to maximize overhead lighting effects;
  • Hanging or flush mounted ceiling fixtures depending on your style, choice and architecture;
  • Installation of more electrical outlets for plugging in additional work lights.

What Are Examples Of Task Specific Garage Lighting?

  • Installation of shop lights, track or task lighting in work areas, like work benches;
  • Choice of LED lights, incandescent, or fluorescent lighting best suited to the type of task;
  • Installation of dedicated circuit and manual switches.

Examples Of Garage Security Lighting

  • Interconnecting your garage door and an overhead light so they work in tandem, providing you with automatic light when the garage door opens.
  • Installation of low watt emergency lights near doorways inside of your garage;
  • Installation of high-density discharge (HID) security lights on the outside of your garage.

How are Garage Lighting Systems Installed?

Based on the size of your garage and lighting needs, we will suggest appropriate types of lighting sources, fixtures, and outlets for those spaces. Plans will be made with specifications for wiring, fixtures, and outlets. We will also inspect your electrical wiring system, including your junction box. Some rewiring or upgrading of older electrical systems may be necessary.

Task lighting often requires being on a separate circuit from general lighting ones. Older fixtures will then be removed and your new lighting system will be installed. For task lighting areas, manual control switches will be installed to operate the lights independently from wall switches. The time to complete installation will vary according to the size and complexity of the project.

The importance of appropriate garage lighting and power installation cannot be stressed. It will allow you to use your garage more frequently for a variety of purposes while maintaining your safety and security. Our technicians are dedicated to providing you with expert service in determining the proper lighting and power installation needs for your garage. Call our experts today and let us know how we can improve your garage lighting needs efficiently and affordably.

LED Recessed Lighting Repair & Installation Services

LED lights can be a huge benefit to any household because of their long-life, desirable color, and energy saving abilities. However, as LED lights are fairly bright, in many fixtures they can draw focus to the ceiling of the household when it should be elsewhere; because of this, recessed lighting can be an ideal choice for anyone who wants to create an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful atmosphere in their home. Installing and repairing these lights should be done by a professional in order to avoid potential mistakes, as it often involves extensive electrical and structural knowledge. 

What Are LED Recessed Lights?

An LED recessed light is a lighting fixture that is embedded into the ceiling of a household. There are a large variety of different recessed lighting fixtures available for differently styled homes, surfaces and lighting areas. Recessed lighting can be used in various locations including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more!

Because LED recessed lights use LED light bulbs, they offer a much more pleasing color of light. Also, they can save you money as they consume lower amounts of energy in their normal course of use. Additionally, in comparison to incandescent options, these lights last much longer, making maintenance and replacement much less common.

How Are LED Recessed Lights Beneficial To Your Home?

There are a variety of different benefits that LED recessed lighting can bring to your home. From money savings to aesthetics, LED recessed lights are a great choice for your home.

  • Reduced energy costs – Energy Star certified LED lights use 75 percent less energy than the typical incandescent bulb. While often not considered, the energy usage that comes from using incandescent lights throughout one’s house over a period of years is very high. While LED lights do cost more than the average incandescent bulb, they pay for themselves in reduced energy costs very quickly.
  • Long lasting – On average, LED lights last 25 times longer than their incandescent counterparts. This, by itself, can lead to less hassle and reduced expenses over time. Additionally, LED lights produce very little heat, which can heavily reduce the strain on cooling costs in any household.
  • Modern Style / Aesthetic – Another huge benefit of these lights is style. In a traditional lighting situation, the focus is drawn to the ceiling, which can detract from the style of the house in general and can even be an annoyance if bright. With recessed lighting, the focal point always stays on the household itself. Additionally, these lights are effective because they can give any household a modern and streamlined look, which can fit and enhance the beauty almost any interior design scheme.

When Do LED Recessed Lights Need Repairs?

Like other light fixtures, there are a variety of problems that can occur which may warrant repair or replacement. One of the more common issues comes from the recessed lighting socket itself. Over time it can become damaged or loose result in poor functionality.

Wiring is an additional problem that can occur in various areas within a recessed lighting fixture; while some problems can be harmless, a wiring issue needs to be repaired quickly for safety purposes. While the problems that can occur within a recessed LED fixture can be varied, anyone who has dim lights, flickering lights or lights that won’t turn on can benefit from a repair.

Hiring Our Professionals For Installation Services

For those who want to replace their old fixtures or simply want to have recessed lighting fixtures installed in their home, hiring our professional technicians will always be the best choice. Through our thorough training and extensive on-the-job experience, our technicians can help you choose the best location for the recessed lighting, the best style, and other aesthetic solutions. Call us today and let our experts help you get the best from your LED recessed lighting solutions!

Call our experts at (650) 784-1886 and let our professional staff help you today!

Motion Sensor Security Lighting Repair & install Services

Outdoor home security lights are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to add security to your household. These cost effective security solutions are designed to detect even the slightest amount of motion outside of your home flooding the outside of your home with light during the night when an unwanted visitor arrives. At 110/220V Electric Co. our technicians are here to provide you with installation services as well as regular maintenance and repairs for your motion sensor security lighting. Our expert services and knowledge of electrical wiring and lighting simply can not be beat. 

How Do Motion Sensor Lights Function?

Motion sensor security lighting functions by using an active sensor in order to detect changes in the area around it. This motion sensing feature has a passive system that effectively detects infrared energy. This means that the sensor is able to determine the average human body temperature of around 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Once someone comes close enough to these sensors the lights will turn on as a result. This in turn allows for homeowners to be aware that something is in the area.

How And Where Are Motion Sensor Lights Installed?

Motion sensor lights are a good way to add security to your home. They can alert you when someone approaches your home and in some instances can be a deterent to potential burglars. Motion sensor lights can be installed in various areas including:

  • Front Porch
  • Driveways
  • Parking Garages
  • Backyards
  • Pathways
  • And More!

A security light should generally go in areas that allow access to your home. By installing them in these areas you can always rest easy knowing your home will be illuminated in the event of an emergency.

Motion sensor lights are installed by first turning off the electricity and removing any old fixtures that are currently in place. New fixtures are then installed with house supply wires connected to each other. Once installed, the main power can be turned on and the switch can be moved to the test position in order to test out your brand new motion security detector lights. Our technicians will not leave your home until we know the job is done perfectly!

How Are Motion Sensor Lights Beneficial To Homes?

Motion sensor lights are extremely beneficial to homes by adding a sense of security that you did not previously have. When movement is detected outside of your home, the lights are designed to come on, giving unwanted visitors the feeling as if you have spotted them. This helps to lure potential burglars away from your property, as they can easily be spotted in the light. In addition, motion detector lights do not waste as much electricity as light left on the entire night.

Our Motion Sensor Security Lighting Services

We strive to provide customers with excellent, professional services that they can rely on. We work hard to build trusting relationships and excellent reputations that help all of our customers feel as though they are receiving the best services possible. In addition to lighting installation, we are also able to repair your motion sensor security lighting if you are experiencing any issues with your fixtures. 110/220V Electric Co. specializes in solving and fixing problems as soon as they occur. From light installations to intricate wiring situations, our technicians have got you covered.

Call our experts at (650) 784-1886 and get industry leading attention today!

GFCI Outlet Repair & Installation Services

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are designed to protect against electrical problems that can cause shocks or electrocution, start fires in buildings, and cause damage to appliances. The GFCI outlet monitors the flow of electricity to detect ground fault. If the electricity reaching the circuit has an imbalance between the hot and neutral poles, this indicates there is a ground fault. Our technicians can perform the necessary installations services to equip your home with GFCI outlets.

What Areas Of A Home Can Benefit From GFCI Outlets?

There are many places that require GFCI outlets as a mandatory safety features. In some rooms it simply makes sense to have one as a result of the amount of use these rooms receive. These areas include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Outdoor Outlets
  • Near Pools & Jacuzzis
  • Crawl spaces

These areas are the most prone to developing ground faults because they usually have a lot of moisture and dampness. Once a GFCI outlet is installed you can have the peace of mind that comes from having a safe home!

What Causes Ground Faults?

A ground fault occurs when a live electrical wire touches a metal outlet box or a ground wire. This can in turn cause sparks or electrocution. With a GFCI outlet, the electricity will automatically turn off, preventing a serious issue such as fire or health risks.

How Does A GFCI Outlet Work?

In the event that the outlet is tripped, it should be ascertained why this happened before turning it back on. The reason may not be evident, but through expert services our experts can determine the reason the outlet turned off and remove the cause, reset or replace the outlet. Anyone touching the circuit when the outlet turns off will experience a small shock, but nothing compared to the life-threatening shock that would be felt if there were no GFCI outlet.

A GFCI outlet will have a test button and a reset button. The outlets should be tested every month to be sure they are working properly. Outlets that are used with power tools such as drills, trimmers and mowers should be tested before each use. To test the outlet, plug a lamp into it and push the test button. The lamp should turn off and the reset button should pop out. To turn the outlet back on, just push the reset button.

What Are The Main Types Of GFCI Outlets?

  • GFCI Circuit Breaker – All homes have a circuit breaker which controls the various sectors in your home. In extreme cases this box can overload. A GFCI circuit breaker can be installed in the circuit adding the safety of damage to your appliances.
  • GFCI Receptacle Outlets – These outlets are installed in the walls in place of old and outdated outlets. This can provide individual rooms in your home with safety from electrical shorts and damage.

The 110/220V Electric Co. Promise

Our technicians are highly skilled and trained electrical experts. As homeowners and electricians, we understand the severity of electrical systems. While they provide your whole home with safety and convenience, they can also be a danger. Before we perform any services we will consider your safety and convenience first and do our best to offer excellent customer service. Through the installation of GFCI outlets and breakers you can always rest easy knowing that your home has a safety measure to prevent electrical damage!

Call us at (650) 784-1886 and schedule an appointment with our expert staff today!

Landscape Lighting Design, Repair, & Installation Services

Many homeowners spend a fair bit of time making sure that they have the best looking landscapes on the block. But some people may be overlooking the importance of trying out landscape lighting. This can add a considerable amount of emphasis to different parts of a landscape. It can even help people illuminate the gardens that they want to highlight for anyone passing through the area. Our technicians can assist you with the design and installation of these lights efficiently and professionally.

What Are The Different Types Of Landscape Lighting Available For Your Home?

If you’re considering installing lights in your landscape, it may first be helpful to identify some of the major types of lighting that a homeowner can opt to install.

  • Well Lights: These fixtures will cast a beam of light directly upward, which will help focus on specific  parts of your home or landscape.
  • Deck Lights: For homeowners who host often on their deck, having deck lights will allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of your deck even at night.
  • Path Lights: These fixtures will help you illuminate the path to your home. They can also be set along paths in your backyards.
  • Post Lamps: These post lamps can be installed in various parts of your landscape to illuminate areas such as swings and tea tables.

Once you decide you want to install landscape lights in your home, give our experts a call. We have various tools such as catalogs and past work to help inspire you with a vision for your own home. Additionally we can help give you pointers on how specific lighting can help accent different aspects of your home.

Landscape Lighting Wiring Services

Most owners will want to think about how they can actually wire these lighting fixtures in to place. Many of them will depend on a consistent source of electricity to illuminate the garden throughout the night. Some homes have already been fitted with an extensive network of wiring that will facilitate these connections.

Others will require the installation of new wiring sets for their yards. This is an important consideration for people to keep in mind as they go forward. When you work with our team of experts we can assist you with the installation of these wiring systems to power your new landscape lights.

Landscape Lighting Repair Services

There are times when these lighting elements will break down unexpectedly. When this occurs the need for professional services is imperative. Our technicians will be able to come to your home and troubleshoot any and all electrical connections. Once we find the root source of the issue we will fix it and restore the flow of electricity in no time!

Schedule A Landscape Lighting Appointment today!

When you work with our technicians you can rest assured knowing your getting the best services possible. From the design of the lighting display to the installation and maintenance, our technicians have got you covered. Call us today to find out how you can breath new life into the facade of your home through the use of landscape lighting solutions.

Call our expert technicians at (650) 784-1886 to schedule a design consultation today!